Announcing Inbound Marketing Week

by Katie Burke


May 21, 2014 7:00:00 AM

HubSpot began with a simple observation: the way consumers shop and buy had changed. Businesses needed to transform how they market and sold to match the way modern humans shop and buy: you could no longer interrupt your way to a purchase. We started a company, and the idea sparked a movement. Today, more than 1,500 agencies worldwide use inbound marketing to deliver measurable results to their customers, more than 105,000 marketers worldwide belong to the LinkedIn Group for inbound marketers, and millions of people visit the HubSpot blog and each month to learn more about delivering a less interruptive, more impactful inbound experience to their prospects, leads, and customers. 

Simply put, inbound market isn't a tactic or a channel, but a holistic approach to attracting, engagement, and delighting customers. To celebrate the growth of inbound marketing around the world, we thought about a big cake and candles, but then we thought: why not connect people who love inbound marketing in person all across the globe? Today, we are excited to announce that the very first Inbound Marketing Week will take place from June 2nd - 6th 2014!

Inbound Marketing Week is a series of events in cities from Paris to Perth to Philadelphia. Instead of hosting these events directly, HubSpot is empowering local inbound  experts around the world to host and promote an event within the week. A full list of events is available here, but a few examples are included below: 

Join us at one of the fifty events planned that week worldwide, or follow along with the hashtag #InboundMarketingWeek for updates, tips, and tricks from partners and inbound marketers worldwide. 

You won't want to be left out of this global phenomenon so to find an event near you, visit

Written by Katie Burke

Katie Burke is the Chief People Officer at HubSpot. She is mildly obsessed with all things marketing, any show on Bravo, Starbucks, and culture and management trends.

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