For sales reps, meetings and demos are the name of the game. And, the more seamless that process, the better. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new integration between HubSpot and that does just that. 

The easy-to-use integration between HubSpot CRM and enables sales teams to quickly create and launch calls, video conferences, and screenshares from directly within Contact, Company, and Deal timelines in HubSpot. Instant meetings via in HubSpot means fewer clicks for you and no downloads for your prospects, so you can do more demos in a day. And more demos equals more deals. Win-win.

Users can simply navigate to any contact, company, or deal record in HubSpot. Create a new meeting, or find one that’s already created on the timeline. Click the meeting, and you’ll see a new option to create a

Mouse over the button, and follow the steps to log into your account. Once you’re back on the timeline, you’ll be able to start the meeting instantly:

Yep. that easy.

For more on how the integration works, check out the video below and’s blog. You can also learn more about this and all of HubSpot’s integrations at:

Originally published Sep 28, 2016 1:32:58 PM, updated September 28 2016