Since being founded in 2006 in Cambridge, MA, HubSpot has grown to over 121,000 customers across more than 120 countries, and nearly 5,000 employees with 11 global offices. Now, as part of our hybrid model of work, we have the opportunity to better service our customers, and to access talent in the tech, customer success, and sales space across the globe. That’s why today we’re excited to announce that starting October 1, 2021, HubSpot will expand its global footprint with two new locations: Ontario, Canada and the United Kingdom. 

In the last quarter, HubSpot’s international revenue grew to 46% of total revenue, which is an increase of 68% year over year, indicating just how important our international markets, customers and partners are to the company’s overall growth and success. That’s why we’re investing in building a strong base of talent who will help us reach our mission of helping millions of organizations grow better. Beginning immediately, HubSpot will be hiring for a variety of roles across sales, customer success and product and engineering in our new locations: 

Ontario, Canada 

Over the last few years, Canada has experienced steady tech and entrepreneurship growth, specifically in Ontario, making it a burgeoning hub for startups and tech companies. In fact, this year Toronto was named North America’s fastest growing tech market by CBRE and the 2020 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor shows that 1 in 20 Canadian adults have started or are currently running a new business that brings innovative products, ideas, and/or services into their community. 

HubSpot Ontario plans to hire over 50 people in the region across our three flexible work options: @remote, @office, @flex. Beginning in October, HubSpot will open an office in Toronto, featuring top-class amenities that come standard with all of our global offices, including convertible standing desks, video-equipped conference rooms, and plenty of collaboration spaces and nomad desks.

The United Kingdom

The UK’s start-up and scale-up ecosystem has seen an increase of more than 120% from 2017 and according to a report from the UK government’s Digital Economy Council and Dealroom, ​​London's tech industry has increased tenfold over the last decade, making it a vibrant tech nation. 

HubSpot will plan to hire over 70 people who desire to work @ office, @ flex or @ remote. We're excited to launch a London office and we'll be able to hire HubSpotters across the entire UK, including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Business leaders realize the importance of investing in technology to delight today’s demanding customers and we're dedicated to helping our customers grow better in every corner of the world,” said Christian Kinnear, Senior Vice President of International Sales and Managing Director EMEA. “Expanding our footprint to Canada and the UK will help HubSpot access amazing talent through our hybrid work model, and it will give us the opportunity to better serve our customers, partners, and prospects as a result. We're excited for this next chapter in HubSpot's global growth and to be a part of these two innovative tech hubs for years to come.”

To learn more about HubSpot’s approach to hybrid and see open positions in all of HubSpot’s offices, please visit our Careers homepage. 

Originally published Sep 13, 2021 8:30:00 AM, updated January 20 2023