Hybrid at HubSpot

At HubSpot, we believe that our values live in our hearts, not our hallways. That's why we're building a hybrid company with three flexible work options for you to choose from: @home, @office, @flex.

Why Hybrid?

We want to build a company where people can do their best work. Some people work best in an office building, while others work best from a home office. That's why flexibility is more important than ever. We're building a flexible, hybrid company at
HubSpot because as our Culture Code says, we want to make
work-life harmony a reality.

How Hybrid Works

As a HubSpotter, you select the work option that's best for you, once per calendar year: @office, @home, or @flex. Here's how each one works.

Home selection


You work the majority of your time from home, and while you may visit a HubSpot office 1-2 times per quarter, home is your headquarters. HubSpot supports you in making sure your work-from-home setup is safe, sound, and sets you up for success.

HubSpot Sydney office


You come into one of HubSpot's global offices 3 or more days per week. You have a dedicated desk for your laptop, monitor, plants, and anything else that makes your workspace truly yours. For that reason, employees who choose @office don't get an at-home desk set-up.

Employees working together


You come into a HubSpot office 2 or fewer days per week. When you come to the office, you’ll be allocated a “hotel desk." Because you opted-out of dedicated desk space in an office, HubSpot will help support your work-from-home set-up.

  • Bryana Duval Headshot
    I picked @flex because it gives me the best of both worlds and allows me to predominantly WFH, whilst also getting my social fix from the office when I need it!

    Bryana Duval

    JAPAC Recruiter

  • Untitled design (18)-Mar-10-2021-11-04-59-98-PM
    I picked @home because as a working parent this option provides me with the flexibility I need to be the best employee and the best parent and to be fully present for milestones in my son's life I might otherwise miss.

    Alexandra Krotinger

    Senior Manager, Learning & Development

  • Basha Coleman Headshot
    I picked @home because I can have more flexibility in my personal life when my work-life lives in my laptop and in my pocket.

    Basha Coleman

    Historical Optimization Marketing Manager

  • Ben Becker Headshot
    I picked @home, because I’m able to spend more time with my family and be an active participant rather than an absentee parent.

    Ben Becker

    Senior Systems Engineer

  • Julia Prinz Headshot
    I picked @office because I joined HubSpot last summer and haven’t been able to meet any coworkers in person yet. My commute is a 5-minute walk and I look forward to having somewhere to go in the morning.

    Julia Prinz

    International Product Marketing Strategy Manager | Marketing

  • Gabrielle Thomas Headshot
    I picked @office because on the days I decide to go into the office, it's important I have a dedicated space for me to feel comfortable when I do work.

    Gabrielle Thomas

    DI&B Program Manager

Hybrid Culture

Our culture is not tied to locations, it’s rooted in our values, our amazing people, and our mission of helping millions of organizations grow better. No one should need to come into an office to experience or enjoy HubSpot’s culture. Our Director of Culture Eimear Marrinan said it best, "Culture does not need four walls to thrive." See how some of our hybrid employees have embraced HubSpot’s culture, whether
@home, @office or @flex.

HubSpot employee with dog & laptop. HubSpot Diwali celebration on Zoom HubSpot employee in Bogota HubSpot employee working at home with dog HubSpot employee at Boston Pride HubSpot employee wearing sweatshirt HubSpot employee wearing hat & holding cup HubSpot Sydney employees in front of opera house HubSpot employee smiling HubSpot employees in group photo HubSpot employees in Tokyo on Zoom Sydney employees working in the office HubSpot parent working with daughter HubSpot employees painting on Zoom

Additional Resources

Still not sold on hybrid? We get it. Check out these additional resources for more information on what the future of work looks like at HubSpot.

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We believe the companies who remove friction from the future of work, and infuse flexibility, will win. Here's why hybrid is good for building a more diverse, engaged company in the long-term.

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What it Takes to Create Culture in a Hybrid World

There’s a misconception that culture is linked to the physical office environment, but in reality, culture does not need four walls to thrive. See how we're thinking about company culture in a hybrid world.

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Candidate FAQs

Thinking about joining our team? Below are answers to some of the questions candidates often have, and you can download this PDF for more detailed FAQs.

  • We want every employee to choose the work preference that best suits their lifestyle and way of working. In addition, the selections of your team may change based on life events or team updates by the time of your start date. With that in mind, we won't be sharing the individual selections of your teammates in advance but can assure you that every team is prepared to communicate and collaborate effectively with a mix of all working preferences.

  • Right now, we're opening HubSpot offices only when it's safe to do so, and that varies by location and local government and health regulations. You'll only be able to go into an office once it's safe to do so and in the meantime, we'll continue to support HubSpotters with a home setup to work remotely.

  • While there may be opportunities to visit your local office, sponsored travel to a local office will be determined at the function level based on budget and business need and would not exceed more than 1-2 visits per quarter. With that in mind, if you live close enough to a HubSpot office to commute and would prefer the flexibility to come into the office more often than 1-2 times per quarter, we would encourage you to select @flex or @office.

  • Employees may work in a country where they have work authorization for up to 90 days as part of HubSpot's temporary mobility policy. Beyond the 90-day policy, employees are only eligible to work from the country in which they are already contracted to work within. In other words, if you’ve been hired to work in Germany, and your role is eligible for @home work, you can work remotely in Germany.

  • All employees will receive the following: laptop, monitor, headset, keyboard, mouse, cables/adapters. @home, @flex employees will have these shipped to their homes. HubSpot also provides monthly stipends to @home and @flex employees to set themselves up for success in home workspaces.

  • We ask that employees choose their working preference once per calendar year. However, if an employee experiences a qualifying life event (including but not limited to a move, a marriage, a divorce, the birth or adoption of a child, or a job change), you'll have the opportunity to update your selection in order to ensure their working preference still allows them to do their best work based on new circumstances.

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