Generating Meaningful Connections at Scale: HubSpot Invests in Tavus

A recent HubSpot survey of marketing professionals found that 85% of respondents believe video content is an effective way to engage their audiences. But this relationship is often one sided: While video marketing is an effective way to be seen by your target audience, those same people also want to know that your company sees and understands them in return. 

More than 70% of consumers now expect companies to personalize communications to them, according to a 2021 McKinsey study. Most companies have already incorporated basic levels of personalization in how they interact with customers (think: [First Name] contact tags in emails or messages with personalized recommendations). And for many companies,  video content already plays a standard role in their marketing efforts. Now, we’re seeing that once-innovative practices such as embedding a generic video into a marketing email with a personalized subject line just doesn’t get the level of engagement and clicks that it used to. 

For greater impact in 2024 and beyond, companies must focus on delivering individually customized video content for each customer. Now you might already be asking yourself, “but who has time for that?” Yes, few companies have the bandwidth to record personalized videos for every lead and customer, as such a practice would be difficult to manage and scale.  At least, that was the case before generative AI.

Now, businesses are able to leverage generative AI media solutions to connect with their customers on a one-to-one level.

Our Investment in Tavus

Here at HubSpot, we understand how important it is to build meaningful connections with our community and we plan to continue supporting innovative companies that also value customer-centric relationships. 

During the INBOUND 2023 Million Dollar Pitch competition, Quinn Favret pitched Tavus — the revolutionary platform that uses AI to help companies create personalized videos to foster stronger relationships and engagement with customers. Today, HubSpot Ventures is delighted to officially announce a strategic investment in Tavus, the cloud-based app that seamlessly combines cutting-edge AI video technology with robust analytics and data capabilities.

"Personalized emails have become the standard in marketing today, but the consumer demand for video content continues to grow. Marketers must adapt to meet customer expectations, and Tavus is paving the way to allow them to do just that. With Tavus, marketers can harness the power of data to automatically customize video conversations, making it the future of marketing,” says HubSpot’s CMO Kipp Bodnar.

Using features such as AI-generated voice, face cloning, and lip sync, Tavus enables businesses to engage with their leads and customers in a highly personalized way. Their simple user interface also makes it easy to further tailor content with options to include links and content such as LinkedIn profiles, websites, or customized slide decks. As part of their recent $18M investment round, Tavus plans to continue adding new features and functionality including photo realistic digital replicas and text-to-video generation.

Tavus UI

To measure the success of their campaigns, Tavus also offers customers in-depth analytics that enable users to trigger additional workflows based on video watch times or drop-offs, allowing for real-time adjustments and optimization. With this technology, customers have enjoyed remarkable results throughout the customer journey, seeing a 2-5x uplift in click-through rates, a noticeable 3-14x increase in response rates, and in some instances, a 30% increase in enterprise conversions. 

Elevating Customer Connections 

Investing in Tavus offers an exciting opportunity for HubSpot to unlock sophisticated, engaging, and customizable content creation for our customers. The Tavus team is equally committed to expanding their existing integration with HubSpot, ensuring seamless collaboration and maximizing the value delivered to our mutual customers. Together, we are set to enhance the customer experience and redefine the possibilities of video marketing.

Originally published Mar 12, 2024 12:29:48 PM, updated May 13 2024