The diversity of perspectives, experience, and expertise of HubSpot’s global partner community uniquely positions our partners to help shape the future of the Solutions Partner Program. In 2017, we launched the HubSpot Partner Advisory Council (PAC) to give partners the opportunity to play a more active role in improving the partner program. Now in its sixth year, the PAC continues to serve as an invaluable, strategic consult for how HubSpot can continue to support its growing and ever-changing partner community. 

The 2022 PAC will be divided into five groups to help understand geo-specific needs and drive value in each region: North America, Latin America, EMEA, Australia and New Zealand, and Southeast and South Asia. Each regional PAC group will bring a fresh perspective to HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program and provide valuable guidance to the company as the program continues to evolve. 


The 2022 PAC cohort was selected through a competitive application process led by senior partner program leadership at HubSpot. Our aim was to build an inclusive PAC cohort that is representative of the diversity of our partner community. We reviewed each application, carefully taking into consideration partners’ diversity of perspectives and tier status. 

Here are the new PAC members for each region:

North America

  • Albaloo (United States)
  • amaraREPS LLC (United States)
  • Aptitude 8 (United States)
  • Auxilio Consultants & Technologies Inc (Canada)
  • Coastal Consulting (United States)
  • Diaz & Cooper (United States)
  • Eternal Works (United States)
  • FlyWheel Consultancy (United States)
  • Globalia (Canada)
  • Good2bSocial (United States)
  • Leverage (United States)
  • Media Junction (United States)
  • New Breed Revenue (United States)
  • Nextiny (United States)
  • OneIMS (United States)
  • Origin 63 (United States)
  • Revenue River (United States)
  • RevPartners (United States)
  • SmartBug Media (United States)
  • Wendt Partners (United States)

Latin America

  • Andimol (Argentina)
  • Awtana SpA (Chile)
  • Black & Orange (Mexico)
  • Blue Nose (Peru)
  • Cliento (Mexico)
  • Dinterweb (Costa Rica)
  • Freelan Marketing (Mexico)
  • HAL Company (Argentina)
  • Hiperestrategia (Ecuador)
  • Hook Digital (Brazil)
  • INTERIUS (Mexico)
  • Leadsruptive (Argentina)
  • Nexforce (Brazil)
  • Niu (Guatemala)
  • PAXZU (Colombia)
  • Progresus SAS (Colombia)
  • Sinectica (Panama)
  • Triario SAS (Colombia)
  • Tropical Hub (Brazil)
  • Zubia People & Business (Mexico)


  • Avidly (Finland)
  • BabelQuest (United Kingdom)
  • Bodo (Italy)
  • Bright Digital (Netherlands)
  • datasocial (Spain)
  • DIGITALE (Greece)
  • Exaduo (France)
  • Huble Digital (United Kingdom)
  • leadstreet bv (Belgium)
  • n.b.s. Gmbh (Austria)
  • one medialis GmbH (Germany)
  • Scale operations Technologies LTD (Israel)
  • Six & Flow (United Kingdom)
  • SM2COMMUNICATE (United Kingdom)
  • Techweb (Norway)
  • Voodoo Marketing (Spain)

Australia and New Zealand*

  • 100 Inc. (Japan)
  • Aamplify Partners (New Zealand)
  • BAC (Australia)
  • Brand chemistry (Australia)
  • Concentrate (New Zealand)
  • Engaging partners (New Zealand)
  • Fileroom (Australia)
  • g2m Solutions (Australia)
  • Hype & Dexter (New Zealand)
  • Modern Visual (Australia)
  • Neighbourhood (Australia)
  • RedPandas Digital (Australia)
  • Refuel Creative (Australia)
  • Solution Plus (Japan) 
  • Synx (Australia)
  • The entourage (Australia)
  • The Marketing GP (Australia)
  • Turbine Interactive (Japan)
  • upstream (Australia)

*Note: There are three Japan-based partners included in the Australia and New Zealand regional group this year.

Southeast and South Asia

  • 3 & Four (Pakistan)
  • BlueOshan (India)
  • clickTRUE Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  • ContentNinja (India)
  • digiEasy Company Limited (Hong Kong)
  • GAPIT Communications (Vietnam)
  • GetCre8ive Corporation (Philippines) 
  • Gogo Partners (Taiwan)
  • Hubble (Taiwan)
  • Inboundsys (India)
  • Inboundsys Webgalaxy Pvt Ltd (India)
  • Niswey (India)
  • Onyx Island Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
  • Oxygen (Hong Kong)
  • Performars (Republic of Korea)

The 2022 PAC regional groups will hold virtual meetings every quarter to discuss strategic topics that will help shape the future of the partner program. The quarterly meetings will serve as an opportunity for PAC members to provide feedback on product betas, partner tools, and partner engagement. In addition to the PAC, HubSpot solutions partners are also encouraged to provide feedback through community engagement, biannual surveys, and ongoing conversations with HubSpot leadership and members of our internal partner program teams.  

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Originally published Apr 14, 2022 9:00:00 AM, updated January 20 2023