hs-gtwToday, inbound marketing software company HubSpot announced that it will now offer a native integration with GoToWebinar as part of its platform, making it easier than ever for HubSpot customers to create, manage, monetize, and analyze webinars as part of their marketing efforts.

Mike Volpe, HubSpot’s CMO, said of the announcement: “Webinars are an essential tool for engaging prospects, leads, and customers, but they can be a headache to manage. The HubSpot with GoToWebinar integration makes every step of the webinar process from registration to event management to analytics and lead nurturing seamless and easy. The result? More high quality leads and impact for your business and an even more robust integrated platform to transform your organization’s marketing.”

Specifically, the HubSpot with GoToWebinar Integration allows marketers to:

  • Register attendees using flexible, responsive HubSpot landing pages
  • Target certain registrants and segments of website visitors with personalized website content and emails promoting your event
  • Segment, score, nurture, and trigger actions based on registration and attendance data: no more uploading CSV files with leads
  • Schedule reminders, follow-up, and no-show campaigns to engage registrants
  • Monitor and engage webinar registrants, attendees, and other segments on social media
  • Repurpose webinar content and track interactions over time
  • Create custom analytics reports to track the impact of webinar efforts

The value of integrating HubSpot and GoToWebinar also reaches well beyond the marketing marketing team. Sales reps can:

  • See rich profiles of each webinar registrant, complete with details on webinar attendance, website views, key actions, social media data, and much more
  • See custom lead scores and webinar information, and trigger actions from a connected CRM system
  • Receive alerts when webinar attendees take key actions or meet scoring thresholds

The integration is complimentary for HubSpot customers, and takes just minutes to set up and launch.

Navvia, a cloud-based ITSM (Information Technology Services Management) platform, said of the integration: “We invest a significant amount of time and energy into webinars to grow our business, but prior to this integration, most of our effort was spent getting our systems to converse with one another and blocking and tackling on logistics. We’ve been leveraging the HubSpot with GoToWebinar integration for the last two months, and the cost savings and efficiency are truly remarkable. The Navvia team can now focus on creating and promoting remarkable webinars versus importing spreadsheets, uploading documents, and guessing at conversion rates.”

A look at the GoToWebinar capabilities in HubSpot: gtw-master-screenshot-1

To learn more about the integration or try it out for yourself, please visit: http://www.hubspot.com/gotowebinar-integration


Originally published Jan 14, 2014 11:00:00 AM, updated September 17 2019