HubSpot's international markets, customers, and partners have always played a critical role in helping reach our mission to help millions of organizations grow better. In fact, last quarter, international revenue accounted for 46% of the company's total revenue. Now, as a hybrid company with over 6,400 employees supporting over 143,000 customers in more than 120 counties, we're growing our international presence in 2022 in Spain and the Netherlands, and in Québec, Canada in 2023. 

This announcement comes after opening new locations in Ontario, Canada and the United Kingdom in 2021. Coupled with our expansion this year, we’re able to continue to invest in accessing incredible talent across the globe who will best serve our customers. 

Commenting on the expansion, Christian Kinnear, HubSpot’s Chief Sales Officer said, “Over the past few years, two things have become abundantly clear to me as a leader: businesses around the world need simple yet effective tools to keep growing, and employees are looking for more flexibility when it comes to when, how, and where they work. By investing in the growth of our global footprint, we’re able to deliver remarkable service for our customers - no matter where they are. Simultaneously, expanding our hybrid work approach into tech-fueled talent markets across Spain, the Netherlands, and Québec gives us the opportunity to uncover incredible talent unrestrained by physical location. We’re excited to continue scaling HubSpot globally and help not only our customers grow better, but play a part in growing these innovative tech hubs as well.”

Beginning immediately, HubSpot will be hiring for a variety of roles across sales, customer success and product and engineering in our new locations: 


Home to over 1,700 tech start-ups, Spain is quickly emerging as a center for European entrepreneurship and innovation. With two cities, Madrid and Barcelona, driving much of the tech ecosystem in Spain, HubSpot is excited to tap into both talent markets - and beyond. By extending our hybrid work approach in the country, we’ll look to hire @remote and @flex employees. For candidates who prefer an office environment, HubSpot will be opening a co-working space later this year in Madrid. As the third-largest metropolitan area in Europe, behind only London and Paris, Madrid is the ideal location for HubSpot’s first workplace in the country. 

The Netherlands

Known for innovation and world-class universities, the Netherlands has recently been named “the hottest tech hub in Europe.” In fact, the Netherlands ranks fourth globally when it comes to the total market cap of public tech companies. With tech talent spread across multiple hubs including Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, HubSpot will be hiring throughout the country for @remote, @office, and @flex roles across a range of teams. 

For those that choose @office or @flex, HubSpot plans to open a co-working space in Amsterdam in September of 2022. Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is critically important to HubSpot, and we’re delighted that Amsterdam is doing its part to bring more underrepresented talent into the tech world through its TechConnect program

Québec, Canada

After initially entering the Canadian market last year with the introduction of our Toronto office, we’re excited to expand into other provinces, starting with Québec in 2023. Accounting for 23% of jobs, Québec is the second-largest tech hub in Canada and continues to grow and scale at a rapid pace. 

HubSpot Québec plans to hire talent across all business functions who desire to work using any of our flexible work options: @remote, @office, @flex. Beginning in September, HubSpot will open a co-working office in Montreal. With more than 1,300 tech events a year, Montreal is quickly becoming a vibrant hub for tech talent and we’re thrilled to be putting down roots in the city and broader region. 

"Extraordinary products are built by extraordinary teams,” said Stephanie Cuthbertson, HubSpot's Chief Product Officer. “We believe the best way to serve our customers is by building products they love and help them succeed - and the best way to do that is to invest deeply in growing and nurturing talent in our organization across all our diverse global locations. We are grateful to have the opportunity to be part of these communities and thrilled to be putting down roots to grow."

To learn more about HubSpot’s approach to hybrid and see open positions in all of HubSpot’s offices, please visit our Careers homepage

Originally published May 31, 2022 9:00:00 AM, updated April 03 2024