HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies, today announced the second cohort of its Creators Accelerator Program, which identifies and invests in independent content creators globally. In addition to the eight shows in this cohort, HubSpot announced that four shows will also join the Podcast Network. These shows will cover topics that redefine the traditional business space with a focus on representation and intersectionality of business, tech, and media.

“Our goal is to build the #1 podcast network in business, and we believe empowering creators is the best way to do that,” said Jordan DiPietro, VP of Marketing at HubSpot. “We’ve built a model that provides podcasters with payment, distribution, and community programming to help them amplify their voice and grow their audience. I’m thrilled to expand our diverse and extensive network of business shows and look forward to the growth of our latest cohort.”

After launching with its first cohort of talented creators in March, podcasts within the Creators Accelerator Program have grown 40% on average in total monthly downloads. In its next phase, HubSpot is expanding on these successes with a new slate of podcasts that will build on its network’s strength as an audio destination for professionals looking to grow their businesses by learning from industry thought leaders. As with the program’s first cohort, creators will receive benefits like monthly compensation, operational support, cross-promotion through HubSpot’s Podcast Network, and access to other community-centric experiences as they move through the program’s tiers.

“One of the main reasons I'm so thrilled to join the Accelerator Program is the partnership and support in spreading the message about how to engage in marketing that is inclusive and makes more people feel like they belong,” said Sonia Thompson, host of Inclusion & Marketing, which was selected for the Accelerator Program’s second cohort. “It's wonderful to have a partner with aligned values, and by working together, more people can be impacted for the better." 

As the Podcast Network grows, these new shows further HubSpot’s mission to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in two important ways. First, the creators within this group include a range of diverse voices that are often underrepresented in legacy business media. Their podcasts also work to challenge the standard ideas of success in business, including a focus on topics like the creator economy; the journeys of BIPOC thought leaders; women-led businesses; and honest, actionable steps that brands can take to achieve inclusivity in marketing. 

“At HubSpot, we're in a great position to shape the narrative in business media – not only who has a seat at the table, but who's speaking up when they get there,” said Andréa Hudson, Manager of New Media Growth. "Scaling the future of the Creators Program alongside Alanah Joseph will rely heavily on the Creators selected through our rigorous process, the quality of the content they're producing, and the ability to share a fresh perspective.”

The Accelerator Program’s second podcast cohort is now available to stream and includes the following shows:

  • Truth, Lies, and Workplace Culture
  • AugMentors
  • Inclusion & Marketing
  • Billion Dollar Moves
  • Create Like the Greats
  • Creators Are Brands
  • Shine Online
  • Big Brand Energy

In addition to the Creators Accelerator Program’s second cohort, the HubSpot Podcast Network continues to grow with the announcement of four additional shows. These shows are also now available to stream:

  • Side Hustle Pro
  • Techish
  • Creative Elements
  • The Product Boss

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Originally published Nov 3, 2022 9:00:00 AM, updated January 20 2023