HubSpot Launches Education Partner Program to Bring Inbound Marketing and Sales to the College Classroom

by Ellie Flanagan


Mar 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM

When you think about technology, sales and marketing aren’t usually the first professions that come to mind. Peek into the majority of classrooms, and you’ll hear professors teaching the traditional tactics – ABC, The Four Ps of Marketing, AIDA. But as the way people shop and buy becomes more tech-centric, so must the tools of the sales and marketing trades. We’re faced with a digital skills gap that’s leaving today’s marketing and sales grads unprepared to use the technologies and methodologies they’ll inevitably encounter in the workplace.

We’re excited to announce today the launch of HubSpot’s Education Partner Program, a new network of college and university educators who are changing the way students learn marketing and sales. Using HubSpot’s award-winning software and HubSpot Academy resources, professors are able to go beyond the fundamentals to give their students real-world experience in inbound marketing and sales. More than 130 schools are on board already, representing over 10,000 students that will graduate with the skills they need to be successful.

HubSpot Education Partner Program

“With HubSpot Academy, our goal has been to help marketers and salespeople take their skills to the next level and become experts in their fields. Over time, we’ve realized that these same resources can be incredibly valuable to the educators teaching the next generation of growth professionals,” said Mark Kilens, Leader of HubSpot Academy. “We’re looking forward to bringing even more schools on board to ensure students are fully prepared with the skills they’ll need in the workplace.”

Through the program, educators will have access to:

  • The full HubSpot Sales and HubSpot Marketing software
  • Syllabi, exercises, certifications, and lectures that they can integrate into their classes
  • A Slack channel with Education Partners from across the U.S.
  • One-on-one curriculum planning help from HubSpot Academy professors

To learn more about HubSpot’s Education Partner Program and find out how to become a partner, visit

Written by Ellie Flanagan

Ellie Flanagan is the Senior Corporate Communications Manager for HubSpot.

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