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This week, company culture and benefits review platform Comparably launched its most recent workplace awards for 2018, and we’re honored to have been recognized as a top workplace in the following categories:

These recognitions are based on HubSpot employees’ reviews on Comparably over the past year. Feedback is an integral part of our culture here at HubSpot, and we want to say thank you to our remarkable employees for their reviews and comments, as well as making HubSpot a great place to work every day!

We're dedicated to creating a culture in which employees are happy, engaged, and included. Being named the #1 Best Company for Employee Happiness is a huge honor, and a testament that we're on the right track. At HubSpot, our benefits and perks are designed to solve for happiness and help our employees grow better, professionally and personally. That’s why flexibility is at the core of our workplace - to give HubSpotters the opportunity to create their ideal work-life fit. We're also thrilled to have placed as the #4 Best Company for Benefits and Perks, and are continuing to make strides to provide the best benefits we can for our employees.

HubSpot’s VP of Human Resources, Elissa Barrett is driving her team to always be looking for new opportunities to perfect that autonomy, flexibility and growth through HubSpot’s benefits and perks. Of the awards she says:

“We're humbled to be recognized for our perks and benefits, but at the end of the day, we know that our people are our greatest perk. That's why we work hard to put these benefits and compensation packages in place to give our employees their ideal work-life fit. Our goal is to help our employees grow, and benefits such as flexibility and extended primary and secondary parental leave help to do that. Our employees fuel what we love about coming into work every day, and we want to help contribute to their happiness by giving them the benefits and perks that help them love their job and workplace, too.”

HubSpot’s flexible work and unlimited vacation policies are the benefits which help us solve for work-life fit. We don’t track the number of hours an employee works because we believe that results matter more than how much time an employee spends in an office. If a HubSpotter needs to work from home because of a sick child, or work remotely a few days a week because of a long commute, they can - no approval needed. If a 10 - 6 schedule works best for someone, or they need to leave early for a doctor’s appointment or workout class, they can do that, too. One HubSpot review on Comparably from this year states: “We have really great work life balance so even when I'm working late I don't mind because you can pretty much make your own schedule. The office environment is typically very positive because of that. Everyone is happy to be here.”

Employee happiness goes hand-in-hand with employee engagement. The HubSpot Culture Code outlines some of the key ways we do our best to invest in employee engagement and happiness, including our commitment to flexibility, autonomy, and transparency. But when asked

what their favorite part about working at HubSpot is, most employees answer, the people. It’s the people who make up HubSpot’s amazing culture, and that’s why we’re dedicated to supporting benefits, compensation, and a culture that helps HubSpotters globally grow better in their careers. So thank you, again, to our employees for creating a company culture where people love coming to work everyday. You are HubSpot’s best perk of all!

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Originally published Oct 4, 2018 4:23:44 PM, updated October 04 2018