Employee Benefits at HubSpot

Beyond great perks and people, HubSpot's benefits are designed to help employees (and their families) grow. Here are just a few of the ways we're creating a culture of flexibility, health, and happiness.

Leading with Flexibility

We're dedicated to building an inclusive culture where employees can do their best work. Feedback, research, and our own employees show that the number one way to do that is by being flexible. Giving HubSpotters the freedom and flexibility to create their own work-life balance builds trust in our company, but it’s also just the right thing to do. That’s why flexibility is at the core of our benefits and culture, from family planning to financial planning. Learn more about a few of our key benefits below.

Unlimited Vacation

At HubSpot, we have unlimited vacation globally -- it's up to employees to decide when and for how long they take time off. Vacation time can be used however employees want to interpret it, for traditional vacation and trips, but also for flexible day-to-days. For quota-carrying employees, we have Vacation Quota Relief (VQR) to make sure unlimited vacation is truly unlimited for our team.

Flexible Work Days

Employees are encouraged to work from home and come in and leave the office when it works best for them. Our Culture Code states that “Results matter more than the hours we work.” What matters most is the impact employees can have by doing great work; but we don’t track where or when that work happens across the majority of the organization. At HubSpot, you have the flexibility to take your daughter to soccer practice, beat rush hour traffic, or take your favorite fitness class in the middle of the day.

Five-Year Sabbatical

For every five years that a HubSpotter is with us, we reward their hardwork by offering a four-week paid sabbatical, with the equivalent of $5,000 US to spend toward travel, programs, projects, or whatever they choose. Many employees take summer vacations with their families, while others learn how to play the guitar, or enjoy month-long honeymoons. The time is meant for HubSpotters to step away from work for an extended period to really enjoy uninterrupted time with family and friends doing what they love outside of work.


In addition to great healthcare coverage, HubSpot offers a global Employee Assistance Program (EAP) called HubCare. This free and confidential program offers a range of services including: Mental health and emotional support, work-life, and well being resources for our employees in all our global offices, 24/7 live answer with master's level clinicians via telephone, email, online chat, and video.

Parental Leave

Globally, HubSpot offers 16 weeks of paid leave to primary caregivers, and 6 weeks to secondary caregivers. Depending on your office location, the number of weeks increases based on your tenure at HubSpot. Our parental leave program applies to all employees, regardless of how they came to have their baby: natural birth, adoption, surrogacy, etc. We also have an active ParentSpot program to provide parents resources, activities, and a community of parents at work.

Egg-Freezing Coverage

We recognize that family planning takes place at different points of our employees lives, so HubSpot offers financial support to female employees, in all locations, who choose to freeze their eggs.The intent of this program is to assist in subsidizing the cost of the egg freezing procedure and associated medications based on average costs in each of our locations. We want our female employees to have the choice of when to grow their careers, and when to grow their families.


This initiative is designed to help employees live healthier at work and beyond through programming, benefits, facilities, content, and nutritious snack options. In addition to fitness reimbursements, HubSpot offers nutrition consultations and workshops on mindfulness, stress management, and more.

Employee Stock Purchase Program

The Employee Stock Program plan allows HubSpotters to purchase HubSpot stock at a discount from the share price at purchase. HubSpotters can contribute between 1% and 15% of their base pay directly from their paycheck for a set period of time to the ESPP account, and at the end of the offering period, the funds are used to buy HubSpot stock at a 15% discount.

Tuition Reimbursement

Employees get the equivalent of $5,000 US per year to spend on reimbursing tuition for university courses, or toward employee development workshops. For example, employees have taken semester-long evening classes, and others have taken weekend workshops or online courses on everything from graphic design to finance. The goal is for HubSpotters to always be learning and growing in their roles.

Looking for More Flexibility?

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