What a year for the world of inbound! HubSpot made moves in 2015 (some of them even literal), and the result was a record-breaking year for the company and our community. In order to showcase some of these achievements from the inbound movement, we’re thrilled to release a Year In Review for 2015.



This year, we built an interactive platform called "Move" where the inbound community can explore (and share!) the details of a remarkable year behind us. In the spirit of celebrating the progress we’ve made as a movement, the site also highlights some of our greatest hits over the past ten years -- and encourages our larger community to think about how they’re #MovingAhead in 2016.

Some of the highlights from our Year In Review include:

  • Topping 18k customers evangelizing the inbound movement
  • Expanding to 5 HubSpot offices with over 1,100 employees
  • Exploring the experience of over 14k INBOUND registered event attendees
  • Top content released to HubSpot’s 2 million social followers
  • Favorite blog posts across six language blogs


The Year In Review also shows a few key themes for HubSpot. We’re making moves in important areas: growing internationally, expanding the breadth and depth of our product offerings, and helping move our customers and fans into the future with relevant content and tools.

Among the most exciting developments in 2015, HubSpot doubled down on bringing free tools to the inbound community. Not only does HubSpot offer an award-winning CRM (at absolutely zero cost), we also have a free marketing tool for the masses, Leadin, and a comprehensive Website Grader. Great marketing and sales should be achievable by everyone, and we’re dedicated to providing the tools necessary to do so.


As we move ahead in 2016, it’s a good time to take a moment to celebrate the achievements of the inbound community from the past year.  But more importantly, we have our eyes on the future. Our Year In Review online platform is going to be a hub for recording new milestones, starting a conversation about HubSpot’s upcoming 10th anniversary, and countless other delightful surprises.

Pssstt … do some digging on the Year In Review for special content and treats! 


Originally published Feb 11, 2016 2:17:20 PM, updated February 11 2016