Six years ago, we released our first Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging report, providing transparency not only into the commitments we’ve made but also acknowledging where we need to push ourselves to ensure that we’re “walking the walk” on inclusion and belonging. Six years into our journey, we are proud of the seeds we have planted and are beginning to see some of them grow. Released today, our 6th annual Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Report highlights the focused actions we’ve taken this year, the progress we’ve made and the opportunities ahead of us to do better and to be better.

Of the 2022 DI&B Report, HubSpot’s Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Celeste Narganes said, “This year, I’m excited to report some really meaningful progress as we continue to work towards becoming a company we can all be proud of, and one that serves as a reflection of the diversity we see in our global customer base. At HubSpot, this means a focus that goes far beyond increasing representation to one that ensures we’re embedding inclusion into everything we do, and creating a sense of true belonging for every single one of our employees. To do so, we will continue to build off the foundation we’ve established over the past several years to grow in ways that are impactful and sustainable long-term.”

The 2022 DI&B Report includes employee data as of January 1, 2022, including gender, ethnicity and age data (ethnicity data is U.S. only). Additionally, the report includes data from self-reported categories, representing 55% of HubSpot’s global employees who chose to self-identify.

Some key areas of progress and opportunity reflected in the data include:

  • In the past year, we’ve made big strides in our female representation across almost all levels. Overall, our population of women and non-binary employees is 46.9%. Importantly, we became a company led by a woman of color when Yamini Rangan was announced as our new CEO in September. We also have four women in our C level Executive ranks and more than 50% of our leaders are women. 
  • Our BIPOC representation has increased 9 points to 37%. While we are proud of this growth, we understand that retaining our BIPOC talent is critical to ensuring our workforce remains diverse. Retention of BIPOC employees is still an area of opportunity for us - in the U.S. our retention rate of BIPOC employees is -2.2% points compared to HubSpot's overall U.S. employee retention rate. 
  • We have increased the number of HubSpotters who identify as parents from 23.7% to 27% with the majority (84.6%) of parents having children in the 0-5 age range. We also increased the percentage of HubSpotters identifying as LGBTQ+ and non-binary, while our Transgender population remained at 1%. Notably, the percentage of global HubSpotters who identified as having a disability increased from 7% to 9.8% 
  • We’ve made strides in our overall gender composition as an organization, however we have work to do in several key areas. For example, while our Manager and Director ranks are above 50% representation of women, only 32.7% of our VP-level roles are held by women.
  • Globally, age diversity continues to be an area of opportunity at HubSpot. Truly making an impact here is going to require a mindshift on how we consider talent, and we are committed to developing processes and programs that help us move the needle here.

We know that the data doesn’t tell the whole story. The “Beyond the Numbers” section of this year’s report highlights milestones anchored to core initiatives of focus over the past year. 

As we move into our third year of a global pandemic that has changed the way we work forever, leading with empathy is critical in order to prioritize the success and happiness of our employees. The toll of employee burnout, global tensions and sustained shifts in workplace dynamics is immeasurable, especially for individuals from marginalized groups. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made to ensure our employees feel supported, heard and empowered, and will continue to do more.

Our approach to inclusion and belonging comes to life in two ways - through community building and our processes and approach to work. We have five global ERG’s that are run as established programs, with dedicated resources, including our newest, BLACKHub, established in 2020. Additionally, we’ve worked closely with members of the HubSpot BIPOC community to launch programs that focus on retention and career development, including mentoring and career coaching. Taking our internal commitments a step further, we continue to support BIPOC founders and entrepreneurs through partnerships with groups such as Breaking the Blueprint and The Black@INBOUND Community, as well as making the second allocation of our $20 million commitment to social impact investing - a $7.5 million investment in support of two Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) though J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Empower share class.

Before the pandemic, 10% of our workforce were fully remote. Today, 88% of HubSpotters are working either fully remote or flex. This shift to a new hybrid work model showed us that taking care of our employees looks different now, and we knew we needed to address the feelings of burnout so many HubSpotters are experiencing. As a result, we’ve committed to prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our people through the company-wide 5Rs Initiative, supporting our families and keeping a focus on wellness and self-care.

This year’s report highlights the impact of our dedication to creating a workplace that’s inclusive and equitable. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and while we have work to do, we remain encouraged and committed to ensuring an unbiased employee experience no matter who you are or where you’re working. Through tailored programs, we provide access to opportunities for growth, professional development and support in accomplishing goals, to ensure that our employees from historically underrepresented groups are given every opportunity to thrive at HubSpot, ultimately helping us as a company to do the same.

View HubSpot’s 2022 DI&B Report here and follow HubSpot Life on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay connected with our diversity initiatives in the future.

Originally published Feb 23, 2022 8:00:00 AM, updated February 23 2022