At HubSpot, we aspire to build a high-performing, sustainable, and equitable company that future generations will be proud of. Over the past seven years, we’ve been committed to not only making progress on this vision, but being transparent in sharing the progress we’ve made and the opportunities ahead to build a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Today, we’re proud to share HubSpot’s 7th annual Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DI&B) Report, to provide insight into the actions we’ve taken this year and our focuses for the future.  

Of the 2023 DI&B Report, HubSpot’s Chief People Officer, Katie Burke said, “Our mission at HubSpot is to help millions of organizations grow better, and our annual Diversity Report is a critical milestone in how we are growing better ourselves. That’s why this year’s report, like every year’s, is a signal of our ongoing commitment to transparency and inclusion when it comes to building an equitable workplace. While 2022 was a year of growth for HubSpot, 2023 is the year of focus and connection. We are committed to fostering community and connection to fuel inclusion, and prioritizing diversity and belonging as a core pillar in not just who we are as a company, but how we make decisions and how we set the course for sustainable growth in the future.”

The 2023 DI&B Report includes employee data as of January 1, 2023, including gender, ethnicity*, and age data (*ethnicity data is U.S. only). Additionally, the report includes data from self-reported categories, representing 48% of HubSpot’s global employees who chose to self-identify.

Some key areas of progress and opportunity reflected in the data include:

  • In the past year, female representation across almost all levels continued to grow, with our population of women and non-binary employees now at 47.2%.  Importantly, we achieved gender parity at the executive level and gender balance at the VP level shifted closer to parity with nearly 10% improvement over the previous year. Our BIPOC representation has increased 3 points to 38% in the past twelve months, with every team across HubSpot seeing increased representation. Retention of BIPOC employees is still an area of opportunity for us - in the U.S. our retention rate of BIPOC employees is -2.3% points compared to HubSpot's overall U.S. employee retention rate. 
  • We have increased the number of HubSpotters who identify as parents from 27% to 30.9%. We also increased the percentage of HubSpotters identifying as LGBTQ+ and non-binary, while our transgender population remained at 1%. Notably, the percentage of global HubSpotters who identified as having a disability increased from 9.8% to 11.3%.
  • Globally, age diversity remains a key area of opportunity at HubSpot. We have work to do to ensure we are thoughtful about how we approach age inclusion in hiring and how we better support experienced individuals who wish to grow their careers at HubSpot.
  • While we’ve made strides in our overall gender composition as an organization, we have work to do in several key areas, including at the individual contributor level and within our engineering and sales teams, as referenced in our 2022 Ireland Gender Pay Gap Report. At a regional level, we are near gender parity organization-wide in NAM and APAC, but have continued areas of opportunity in EMEA and LATAM. 

In 2023, our core DI&B priorities will center on recruiting and retention for gender globally, and BIPOC employee recruiting and retention within the United States. We’ll work towards these goals in a number of ways, including: 

  • Maintaining and iterating on our core programming, including our Black Advisory Board, RISE Mentorship for BIPOC leaders, LeadHER programming for senior female leaders at HubSpot, and our existing Employee Resource Groups, including BLACKHub, POCaH, Women@HubSpot, Families@HubSpot and our LGBTQ+ Alliance.
  • Equipping our managers with the tools they need to build high-performing and inclusive teams, specifically by providing meaningful training on psychological safety to HubSpot managers globally. 
  • Expanding pay transparency, fluency, and our commitment to pay equity.
  • Connecting our diversity, equity, and inclusion work more broadly with our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments internally and externally. 

HubSpot's annual DI&B Report is just one way we anchor our commitment to employees, candidates, and our community that diversity is a core business priority at HubSpot. But more than anything, sharing the data helps us embrace that we have much to improve on in building an inclusive and equitable organization that HubSpotters are proud to belong to. So as HubSpot navigates our path to growing better, we hope that in some small way, we can help our team, candidates, customers, and Partners do the same. 

View HubSpot’s 2023 DI&B Report here and follow HubSpot Life on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected with our diversity initiatives in the future.

Originally published Feb 23, 2023 8:36:34 AM, updated February 23 2023