When the clock struck 2021, we were all expecting a fresh start, a new year. Truth is, this year hasn’t felt much different than the last. Between caregiving, to adjusting to remote work, and heartbreaking headlines about racial injustices and COVID-19 around the world, we've all felt exhausted, overwhelmed, or drained in the past week, month, or year. While we’ve done a lot to help employees at HubSpot manage stress and burnout over the last year, we recognize that this is a marathon, not a sprint.  That’s why we’ve introduced HubSpot Unplugged, a new initiative driven by employee feedback, which includes three key components to helping with burnout: 

  1. A Global Week of Rest: In 2020, we had regional Global Days of Rest, which was a dedicated day off from work. This year, we’re making July 5th - July 9th a company holiday week for all employees to take time off and recharge. 
  2. No Internal Meeting Friday’s: From May through August, we’re encouraging employees to not book internal meetings on Friday to help combat Zoom fatigue and restore some of that positive Friday energy. Employees will of course use good judgement for what that looks like for their teams and meetings with customers, partners, candidates, etc. 
  3. More Mental Health Programming: In addition to adding Modern Health as a benefit for all employees globally, we’re hosting additional programs for employees to listen, learn, and identify ways to prioritize their mental health at work. 

HubSpot Unplugged“We know that our customers aren’t just buying our software, they're also trusting the people who build, support, and sell that software,” said Katie Burke, HubSpot’s Chief People Officer. “As a result, we need to ensure those people are well-rested and able to support our customer and partner needs for the long haul. As leaders, it's our job to show our employees that taking time off isn’t just encouraged, it’s critical."

So what will our employees be doing during their time off? We asked a few HubSpotters and here’s what they have planned: 

Chloe Christiansen (she/her), Customer Success Manager 

"I'll be using some of the Week of Rest to visit a good friend & fellow Remote HubSpotter! This time is huge for the both of us because it gave us a free week to plan a time to see each other. It's been almost 2 years since we last saw each other in Boston! It'll be great to connect off of work time and truly unplug together." 

Justin Tit (he/him), Senior Customer Onboarding Specialist 

"I’m so grateful to HubSpot for initiating the Global Week of Rest. Personally, I’ll be taking some time off to do some life admin (like my annual health screening), some reading and some sunrise/sunset yoga classes!"

Alex Krotinger (she/her), Senior Manager, Learning & Development

"I plan to use the week to really rest and recharge. I have a pile of books I’ve been waiting to read, a lounge chair by a pool with my name on it and daycare all week for my son. As a working mom who is expecting her second child in September, this week is such a gift to give me truly uninterrupted time to myself. I’ll also indulge in a facial and a pedicure. These are things I always put off doing on the weekends and during the week and I’m looking forward to investing in myself and my mental and physical well being for a week!"

Shana Sumers (she/her), Principal Marketing Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Community Programs

"This week is perfect! Knowing that everyone I work with will also be resting takes a lot of pressure off of the potential for emergencies, last minute items to answer or FOMO (fear of missing out)."

Klajdi Turlla (he/him), Senior Product Manager

"I plan to use this time for a staycation in Galway. I visited Galway last year and really looking forward to go back and visit the Connemara region. This week is also when I get the last part of the Three-Body Trilogy from the Dublin City Library, so I am really excited to read how this story continues."

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Originally published Jun 18, 2021 5:00:00 AM, updated January 20 2023