As the digital economy expands and there are more advances in cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and distributed services, a vast amount of data is produced and stored every day. As a result, companies face heightened exposure to cyber attacks and data breaches. The increased risk of cybersecurity incidents has put businesses and consumers on high alert. Today’s customers expect companies to prioritize the protection of their data, and businesses are making investments to meet that expectation. According to Battery’s 2022 Cloud Software Computing Spending Survey, 92% of respondents expect to increase their security budget and 31% of respondents listed security as their top spending priority. 

Prioritizing security doesn’t only involve a larger spending budget. For many businesses, a large time investment is also required as security and compliance certifications are multistep tasks that involve several people to control the highly manual process. Although it can be difficult and costly to manage without the right tools, a well-run compliance program is a non-negotiable for every customer-first company. 

Building and maintaining consumer trust is crucial for every business. Trust encourages customers to make online purchases, which requires them to share personal information that could be detrimental if misused. Ensuring the safety of customer data is fundamental to customers having a positive and enduring connection with a company. 

Our Investment in Vanta

At HubSpot, we know how important it is for scaling companies to have the tools they need to protect both their own and their customers’ data, which is why we’re incredibly excited to announce our investment in Vanta, the leading trust management platform helping businesses streamline their data security, compliance, and certification processes. With Vanta, the often time-consuming, resource-heavy, highly manual process of managing compliance certifications is now automated – giving teams a quick-to-value solution that’s simpler and more affordable. 

Vanta is not only the leading trust management platform in the security compliance software space, but it was the first solution of its kind, creating an entire market and setting a high standard for other platforms to follow. Prior to Vanta, businesses faced a high-touch and impractical certification process that involved several internal and external stakeholders who spent time and resources going through many tedious steps to complete certifications. Vanta’s automation-focused software removes the friction from the process, helping companies implement and monitor security best practices on an ongoing basis.

Vanta integrates with more than 60 cloud, infrastructure, and data tools giving businesses access to full visibility into their security compliance gaps and allowing them to automate the majority of the audit-preparation process. Vanta’s platform also supports the most in-demand security, privacy, and compliance standards, and enables companies to set up custom testing, controls, and frameworks. The product’s dashboard gives companies a holistic view of their security and compliance data and allows them to manage everything in one centralized location. 


Gif of Vanta's dashboard alternating between views of the compliance standards, SOC2, and monitoring pages. The screens all display text and there is a persistent black vertical bar on the left side of the gif where the parts of the dashboard's navigation menu is listed.

Vanta gives users access to all security, privacy, and compliance information on an intuitive, easy-to-navigate dashboard

Since its launch, Vanta has helped countless organizations save time and money related to their security compliance operations. Companies that implemented Vanta reduced the time spent on SOC-2 audit processes from months to weeks by automating nearly 90% of the required manual work. Furthermore, Vanta announced its acquisition of Trustpage in January of this year, creating a market-leading duo of companies with exceptional security lifecycle expertise. 

Focusing on Customer-Centric Trust Management

As the market creator, Vanta has defined the security and compliance software space and its team continues to shape the industry’s landscape as customers' needs evolve. Vanta’s executive team, led by founder and CEO Christina Cacioppo, is remarkably innovative with an incredible product vision. The team’s focus on helping companies scale and build trust with their customers is what makes Vanta an ideal partner to HubSpot.

You can learn more about Vanta’s robust trust management platform here and read the team’s announcement here

Originally published May 10, 2023 9:38:21 AM, updated May 10 2023