As HubSpot approaches its 10th year of business, little has changed in our fundamental mission to spread inbound marketing on a global level. We continue to help businesses leverage social platforms to spread remarkable content, and to put an end to dated, intrusive, and ineffective outbound marketing methods. Every day, our maniacal focus on solving for the customer delights more than 15,000 HubSpot users across more than 90 countries on six continents (we have our sights set on Antarctica, rest assured).

This year HubSpot has focused on making a significant investment in Asia Pacific, a region of great opportunity for growth and success. As part of this strategy, we are happy to announce the launch of HubSpot’s Japanese website. With thousands of Japanese businesses ready to make the move to inbound marketing, we are thrilled to contribute to the global adoption of the inbound methodology.

Japan is not just willing but remarkably able to join the movement: the technological and economic powerhouse represents one of the strongest and fastest-growing social media markets in Asia. Projected to have the third largest Twitter user base in APAC by the end of the year, Japan is a booming market for the social generation -- nearly 40% of Japanese smartphone users are active on Twitter. This untapped reservoir of potential customers represents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to revolutionize the way they market, sell, and communicate with the world.

In addition to a website, HubSpot started a Japanese-language blog and HubSpot Japan Twitter handle, which will help support our website’s efforts to bring inbound marketing tactics and best practices to the global community, regardless of language or border.

Coming this fall, HubSpot will offer an array of new and helpful tools for lead generation, tailored to the region to enable customer success.

These announcements come at an exciting time for HubSpot as we prepare to open HubSpot's Singapore headquarters in Q4 of 2015. This office will be the second HubSpot location in Asia Pacific, following our Sydney office, which opened in 2014.


Interested in working for a rapidly-growing company with an award-winning culture? We are looking for remarkable individuals to join our inaugural Singapore team, so check out HubSpot’s job page today -- and don’t forget to buy your ticket for INBOUND, taking place September 8-11, 2015!

Originally published Aug 3, 2015 8:04:09 AM, updated January 18 2023