HubSpot, a leading growth platform, announced today the launch of a new integration with Atlassian’s Jira Software Cloud that helps companies act quickly to resolve customer issues. By connecting Jira Software Cloud to tickets in HubSpot’s Service Hub, the integration makes it easier for customer service and product teams to collaborate as they scale, helping to ensure that the customer is kept at the center of their flywheel.

Support and service teams are often the first stop for customers who need to report product usability issues or bugs. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to easily relay that information to the teams responsible for fixing those issues. Once they report the issue, those service and support teams often don’t have visibility into the status of the fix, which makes it difficult to provide timely updates back to their customers. This lack of visibility leaves customers in the dark – Gartner found that only half of companies who collect customer feedback share that information internally, and even fewer inform their customers as to whether they acted on that feedback. HubSpot’s new integration for Jira Software Cloud is designed to break down those barriers by making it easier for support teams to escalate issues and for product teams to provide timely updates, which ultimately leads to a more delightful experience for customers.  

“Companies today need to deliver an exceptional customer experience to differentiate themselves from the crowd. However, organizations often get stuck trying to keep track of that experience across disconnected technologies, ultimately causing pain for their customers,” said Ying Chen, GM of Service Hub at HubSpot. “Our new Jira Software Cloud integration will enable companies to quickly address customer issues and will help to ensure that service and support teams have the context they need to provide a delightful customer experience.”

Jira integration from HubSpot

The HubSpot-built integration features a bi-directional sync that allows users to create, update, track, automate, and report on issues in Jira Software Cloud right inside of HubSpot’s Service Hub. With the integration, HubSpot users can:

  • Integrate Service Hub tickets with Jira Software Cloud by creating new issues from the contact record, company record, or incoming HubSpot support tickets. Users can also now find and attach an existing Jira issue to a new support ticket in HubSpot. When the status of the Jira issue changes or someone leaves a comment, the update will automatically be reflected in HubSpot.
  • Automate and report on tickets and Jira issues right inside of the ticket record. Users can now use workflow automation to send internal and external notifications as Jira issues are updated and resolved. Users can also report on which Jira issues have the most HubSpot tickets attached, providing valuable insight into the impact of each specific issue and helping them to prioritize important fixes.
  • Gain a more complete view of the customer across company and contact records. When a Jira issue is created and/or attached to an existing ticket in Service Hub, that information will also be visible on the HubSpot Company and Contact records associated with that specific ticket. This provides helpful context for marketing and sales teams interacting with Companies and Contacts on a daily basis.

“We beta tested the Jira Software Cloud integration from HubSpot and it works great,” said Dani Bloom, technical support team lead at Trekksoft. “We were very enthusiastic to learn that it was becoming available because it will help us fill gaps between our support and engineering teams. Now we can easily link issues between the support and development work environments, ensuring fluid communication and issue management. Two thumbs up.”

The integration is currently available to all HubSpot and Jira Software Cloud users. 

Learn more about HubSpot’s Jira integration here

Originally published Mar 17, 2020 8:03:47 AM, updated January 19 2023