LinkedinPost-766384-edited.jpgThe inbound movement is all about creating personalized experiences that people love, and there’s one experience that’s very important to us at HubSpot: the candidate’s. Choosing a new company to work for is a big decision. Professionally and personally. But for most people, the job hunt still feels mechanical; it’s easy to forget there’s a person on the other side of the application. That’s why we’re excited to launch a brand new careers website at that matches the way job seekers research, find, and grow their careers today. The new and improved site isn’t just a place to submit an application. It’s an inside look into HubSpot culture, a resource for career growth, and a platform to engage with our team. For us, it’s a step toward a more human way of recruiting. 


By investing in content, social media, and opportunities to connect with visitors on- and off-site, we’re investing in our global inbound recruiting efforts to create a remarkable candidate experience. Here are a few parts of the site we’re most excited about: 

  • A Real Look at #HubLife Around the World: Ten years ago, it was really hard to know what it was actually like working at a company. Thanks to Glassdoor, candidates can now hear from real employees and get a glimpse into a company’s culture, opportunity, benefits, and team. To give candidates even more transparency around what it’s like to be a HubSpotter, we doubled down on content. From videos (of both the polished and GoPro™ variety) and employees’ Instagrams to day-in-the-life snapshots and HubSpotter profiles, it’s now easier and faster to see what life is like on our teams and in our global offices. 

  • The Move On Up Blog: Blogging is HubSpot’s bread and butter. We’re now taking what we’ve learned from our marketing, sales, and agency blogs to create content that helps people grow their careers on the Move On Up blog. We’ll be using this as a platform to share big ideas on the future of work, tactical career advice, and making moves within an organization. Anyone can stay in the loop on what our employees, executives, and external influencers are saying by signing up for content updates. No resume required. 

  • The HubSpot Careers Slack Channel: Historically, the only way to get in touch with a company has been to email the address on their Contact page or submit an application. There’s not usually a middle ground if you aren’t ready to apply but want to know more. But it’s tough for companies to personally keep in touch with everyone who reaches out, especially as they grow and scale their recruiting teams. That’s why we’re excited to experiment with Slack to chat with people curious about careers at HubSpot. The HubSpot Careers Slack channel will have helpful HubSpotters check in throughout the day to answer questions about roles, teams, our culture, and more.  

Those are just a few new highlights we hope will drive a more remarkable candidate experience for our visitors, and make us better, smarter inbound recruiters. Check out the site at and share it with future HubSpotters in your network! 

Originally published Mar 29, 2016 8:30:00 AM, updated March 29 2016