Rebecca ChurtRebecca Churt is the SEO Manager at HubSpot. Prior to that she was a Top of the Funnel Marketing Manager, and before that Principal Marketing Consultant where she successfully built and integrated new marketing opportunities and strategies for business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries. 

    Over the last 12 years, Rebecca has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO and conversion campaigns for 350+ businesses of all sizes, from the Fortune 500, to startups, and non-profits. Through creative internet marketing campaigns, she has helped companies improve their brand awareness, customer loyalty, retention rates, drive more traffic and leads, reduce overhead and improve overall return on investment. The last 3 years at HubSpot, in particular, have been focused on reaching and growing a healthy B2B customer base in EMEA, which is where the core of Rebeccas consulting and services lie now.

    Shes enjoyed a diverse career as a fundraiser, client services professional, marketing and communications manager, and entrepreneur, and also maintains a few additional hidden talents on the side, including being a master of Inbox Zero and being fully bilingual in English and German, her native language. In her spare time she enjoys being a true digital native, a self-proclaimed design geek and gourmet chef; managing her own marketing consulting business at and nutrition coaching at

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    Customer Quotes about Rebecca

    • "I loved working with Rebecca Churt. She is bright, thoughtful and responsive to our needs. Absolutely top notch. - Corie B., Zester Daily
    • "Rebecca Churt is an inbound expert and effectively improved my site and my knowledge of HubSpot's capabilities. I wanted to exceed her expectations. - Andy G., Atlas 1031 Exchange
    • "Rebecca did a very good job. She had good suggestions and was excellent at moving the process along. She was able to show me where to access the information I will need in the future and provided the excellent background information I needed." - Vaughn M., Discovery Research Group
    • "Rebecca is responsive, supportive and instructive; we appreciate her professionalism and knowledge. Her excitement and enthusiasm for SEO, web marketing, social media and blogging is infectious." - Lois A., Avenue 3

    Case studies of Rebecca's Customers

    Closet Design Company Decreases Cost Per Lead by 60% with HubSpot

    • Reduced Cost Per Lead by 60%
    • Increased Leads by 40% in six months
    • Reached a 14%-conversion rate for 5 landing pages
    • Nearly doubled organic traffic

    Boston Health Club Drops Direct Mail and Pumps Up Leads with HubSpot

    • Eliminated direct mail without losing any members
    • Steadily increased organic traffic
    • Attracted over 1500 leads in the last six months
    • Saved approximately $5,000 per month from organic search traffic