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Customer Platform Onboarding

Get technical and strategic guidance on setting up your HubSpot suite of software to grow. With an onboarding plan aligned to your company goals and tech stack, we’re here to help you — every step of the way.

Customer Platform Onboarding Overview

Customer Platform Onboarding is designed for new customers using HubSpot’s full Customer Platform for the first time. We’ll guide you through best practices, give recommendations on how to utilize your data in HubSpot, and help you optimize the functionality that HubSpot offers – all with your business objectives in mind.

When buying Enterprise Customer Platform, use the table below to evaluate whether the Enterprise or Premier onboarding option is best for your business.

Professional Enterprise Premier

How your data lives in HubSpot and segmenting your data

Automated lead nurturing and internal lead assignment setup

Consulting to migrate/import data from your legacy systems

Data quality best practice

Creating a customized ticket pipeline

Live chat implementation

Baseline reporting setup and review

Includes custom reporting
Business process mapping and standard CRM customization for your processes

Optimizing your website and blog

Custom reporting to track KPIs, site performance reporting, reporting by brand domain

Content partitioning

Best practice for managing multiple business units in HubSpot

Creating custom dashboards

Advice on implementation and use of native/3rd-party integrations

Programmable automatic with Operations Hub

Advanced HubSpot tool tactics

Consulting through the setup of multiple business units

Maximum 2 business units
Custom integrations

Bringing business units together into a single portal

Key Details

Setting: Remote
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Setting: Remote
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Setting: Remote
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