Rolling out today to all customers using the new HubSpot 3 email, HubSpot announces more sorting and filtering options for the email dashboard. Designed with the analytical marketer in mind, the new email dashboard enables your marketing team to display and analyze email data in as many combinations as necessary to give you the best view of what's working and what's not in your email marketing.   

Analyze a single campaign: Use the campaign selector to zero in on a view of just the emails that were part of a certain campaign.  For instance in the example below, we're comparing all emails that we sent to promote the launch of HubSpot 3.  

See what subjects and subject-lines fared best: The subject of an email is what garners that first, all-important open. Sort emails by highest open rate then click-through to see which subject lines were most successful and look for trends for future emails.

Look for commonalities in emails with high click-rates: Once an email has been opened, the click-rate is your best measure of the success of the email content itself.  Use the dashboard to sort by click-rate to see which emails had the most engaging content. 

See emails with high-open rates, but low click-rates: Did your subject line inspire but your email body didn't convince?  Use the new sorting to find emails that could have been more successful. 

Isolate and reduce bad emails: Periodically sort by unsubscribe or spam rate to see what characteristics in your emails have lead to the highest rates of both.  Is there any correlation between spam rates and other email traits?

Get a quick view of all the emails you have scheduled this week: Sort by schedule date to see what emails are going out this week and prevent any unnecessary overlap in sends. 

A view of the new email dashboard, showing just emails from our HubSpot 3 campaign.

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The new dashboard gives you more options for sorting and displaying data

email dash 2

The new email dashboard was designed to be more malleable and customizeable than ever before. Now users can sort and display the data in pretty much any combination they'd like. Clicking the downward arrow in the "sorted by" drop-down will change the view from highest to lowest. Customers can get detailed info on the new dashboard by visiting the help documents on email analytics.  If you're not a customer and would like to learn more about HubSpot's approach to email marketing, click here.

Originally published Nov 5, 2012 2:22:00 PM, updated January 17 2023