-- Makana Solutions Generates More Website Traffic and Increases Conversion Rates with Inbound Internet Marketing While Closing the Loop with HubSpot Professional and Salesforce.com --

News Facts

  • Makana Solutions, a company that helps small businesses develop strategic and effective sales compensation plans, was looking to implement an integrated Internet marketing program that would generate more traffic and leads for their sales and marketing team.
  • Arthur Gehring, Director of Marketing at Makana Solutions, is a small marketing team that was looking to implement an inbound marketing program. Gehring was also looking for detailed information on all the prospects coming to the website as a way to help the sales team act quickly and close deals.
  • Prior to working with HubSpot, Gehring used a combination of outbound and inbound marketing programs such as email blasts, direct mail and webinars to increase leads but was unsatisfied with the results. Gehring was piecing together many different marketing tools to manage his programs, but he found this approach inefficient and ineffective.
  • HubSpot worked with Makana Solutions to implement the HubSpot integrated inbound marketing system to optimize his website and launch and analyze his marketing campaigns. After seeing the fast increase in website traffic and leads, Makana Solutions opted to implement HubSpot Professional.
  • HubSpot Professional is an inbound Internet marketing system that enables closed loop marketing, linking lead intelligence from your website to Salesforce.com and generating marketing reports showing which leads or campaigns produced actual customers.
  • The implementation of HubSpot has generated the following results:
  • Increased website traffic by 200% in three months
  • Traffic from organic search tripled in five months
  • Now ranking on first page of organic Google search results for key search terms including "sales compensation plans", "sales comp plan" and "sample commission plan"
  • Leads generated increased three-fold over the past three months, and lead conversion rate doubled in the same time
    Helped the sales team close stronger business leads
  • Implemented closed loop marketing by tracking closed deals back to marketing campaigns by integrating HubSpot Professional and Salesforce.com
  • Gehring discusses his experience with Internet marketing and HubSpot on video

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Quote, attributable to Brian Halligan, CEO and founder, HubSpot

"Makana Solutions is the perfect example of how small businesses can benefit from an inbound marketing program. Since Gehring has many responsibilities as part of a small marketing team, he was looking for something that would have a significant impact but wouldn't take up too much of his time. We worked with him closely in the beginning to get him going, and in a short amount of time, Gehring was seeing the results he was looking for without having to invest a lot of time on his end."

Quote, attributable to Arthur Gehring, Director of Marketing, Makana Solutions

"In order to establish our brand online and increase our leads, we knew we needed to do a better job at Internet marketing. We were thrilled with the results we saw initially so we decided to implement HubSpot Professional. Our sales team was excited to see how the information obtained through our work with HubSpot would make them more efficient and more effective. From a marketing perspective, I now know which marketing programs lead to a greater number of leads and sales. And this knowledge will allow me to allocate my marketing budget on the activities that lead to the best results."

About HubSpot

HubSpot is an Internet marketing system that helps your company get found online, generate more inbound leads and convert a higher percentage of them into paying customers. HubSpot helps companies get found by more prospects using search engine optimization and marketing, leveraging blogs and the blogosphere and engaging in online social media. By using landing pages, lead intelligence and marketing analytics, HubSpot customers convert more prospects into leads and paying customers. Based in Cambridge, MA, HubSpot online marketing can be found at www.hubspot.com and the Website Grader free SEO Tool is available at www.websitegrader.com.

Originally published May 20, 2008 8:31:00 AM, updated January 17 2023


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