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  • Press releases are now more than about reaching the press. Effective press releases should be structured so that they are useful to both humans and search engines. Press Release Grader (www.pressreleasegrader.com) analyzes press releases and provides helpful feedback and suggestions to improve search engine optimization and overall content and structure.
  • HubSpot, the company behind the popular Website Grader online tool created Press Release Grader so marketers can create more effective press releases that will help them create buzz and get found online for free.
  • Press Release Grader rates a press release based on a checklist of criteria – from content and structure, to search optimization and link analysis. The free tool is designed to optimize a press release so it can be found more easily by media, bloggers, customers and prospects. Press Release Grader provides an analysis and recommendations that will help you improve the way your press release is structured.
  • A grade is calculated from 0 to 100; 100 being the best. A score in the 80s and above is considered to be a well-structured release that is using links effectively.
  • Press Release Grader generates an easy-to-understand online report that includes:
  • General Statistics - Provides readability levels which help you understand if the release is easy or difficult to read.
  • Content Suggestions - Details on whether the proper elements are included, such as contact information.
  • Link Analysis - Analyzes the links in your release and determines if they will help drive more links back to your website.
  • Word Cloud - Visually identifies the words most often used in the release making it easy to determine the main topics and themes of the release.
  • Press Release Grader is currently in public beta. All comments and suggestions are welcome as HubSpot continues improve the product.

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David Meerman Scott's Article on Press Release Grader

Press Release Grader by HubSpot

VIDEO: Press Release Grader Overview

IMAGE: HubSpot Company Logo

Quote, attributable to David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR

“Times have changed—press releases are not just being read by reporters. They should be targeted to a wider audience of people – bloggers and customers alike. So lengthy press releases filled with industry ‘Gobbledygook’ simply aren’t going to cut it anymore. Knowing that first hand, HubSpot created Press Release Grader to help people craft press releases that will resonate with readers and will draw more people to your website.”

Quote, attributable to Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder, HubSpot

“We developed Press Release Grader as a way to help marketers get the most out of their press releases. Although it won’t make your press releases more interesting, it will provide you with tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting the basics right. We’ve been thrilled by the enthusiasm for our free SEO tool, Website Grader, and we hope people find this tool similarly useful.”

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