Dharmesh Shah Recognized in Top 50 of Invesp's Most Influential Marketers

by Pamela Vaughan


Dec 18, 2008 3:00:00 PM

Congratulations to HubSpot's Chief Software Architect and Co-Founder, Dharmesh Shah, who has earned the number 36 spot on Invesp Consulting's "Top 100 Most Influential Marketers of 2008" list!

"I am extremely pleased to be recognized on such an impressive list of people," said Shah.  "It's definitely an honor to be positioned among so many influential and innovative marketers."

The INVESP 100 is Invesp's first annual list of the world's (you guessed it) most influential online marketers, leaders and thinkers.  

According to Invesp,

"Dharmesh Shah, software entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of HubSpot (a software company building a revolutionary software platform for Internet marketing), has always been humble about his contributions.  But we wanted to recognize his continuous contributions to the online marketing world by including him in the top online marketers list of 2008.  Whether its through their nifty, unique posts or SMO tools, HubSpot is revolutionizing the way we view Internet marketing."

The marketers on the list were chosen by a selection process that began six weeks prior.  Invesp selected a few, highly regarded marketers who were each asked to nominate three or more of their top marketers.  The nominations, numbering over 1,000, were then scanned to determine which marketers were nominated repeatedly.  Based on the number of nominations, the top 100 were chosen.  

Congratulations, Dharmesh!

Dharmesh Shah

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