Why HubSpot Is Thankful

by Pamela Vaughan


Nov 26, 2009 8:00:00 PM

Thanksgiving Family Dinner

Unfortunately, we HubSpotters won't be sharing a Thanksgiving day meal together, but I'd like to imagine that if all 100+ of us were sitting at a ginormous dinner table in the Brogan game room, the following are just a few of the those who would be mentioned as people who make HubSpot great:

  1. 1900+ loyal, successful customers 
  2. A fantastic set of partners
  3. Tons of awesome, supportive fans 
  4. An amazing Board of Directors and Advisors
  5. An expert staff of volunteer Inbound Marketing University professors
  6. Our generous and supportive investors
  7. Over 1,000 Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals 
  8. A great assortment of HubSpot TV guests, audience members and at-home viewers

Of course, HubSpot would have nothing to be thankful for without all of the support of our customers, fans, subscribers, advisors, etc., so a big thanks to you for making us so proud!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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