HubSpot and Schwartz Communications Provide Transformational Marketing Services

by Jordyne Wu


May 19, 2010 9:27:00 AM

Schwartz Communications and HubSpot

HubSpot is never one to hold back opinions and we've expressed quite a few on the PR industry.  Brian Halligan's polarizing post, "Is PR Dead?", still has him ducking fashion frames hurled by PR traditionalists and excommunicated from certain social circles.  Yet, rather than a denouncement, the article intended to raise a question, IS PR dead?, and invite opportunities to develop a new, modern approach to marketing.

A few PR firms took up the challenge; they recognized this as an opportunity to deliver and demonstrate more value to their clients.  That what they are good at-- telling stories, creating meaningful narratives that spread across all media-- is core to inbound marketing and that they can do it more effectively with a modern marketing toolkit and approach.  HubSpot and Schwartz have observed this transformation and benefit first-hand through the customers we share.

Today, HubSpot and Schwartz formalize that partnership with an integrated service offering.  Our offering ties together PR, marketing, lead generation and marketing measurement to create a modern marketing program that is content-driven, strategic and result-oriented.

  • HubSpot's inbound marketing approach and tools deliver and measure the value in every step of Schwartz's methodology from developing strategy and content to influence to impact
  • HubSpot's tools provide performance and competitive data that enable Schwartz teams and clients to be precisely focused and strategic in their content creation, optimization and promotion, social media management and every aspect of engagement
  • HubSpot's lead generation and analytics tools help Schwartz teams deliver value further down the marketing funnel and measure the results of campaigns in real time

HubSpot Analytics

Rather than debating whether PR is dead, we are eager to help create new opportunities for PR agencies and value for their clients.  Content is king when it comes to inbound marketing and PR firms like Schwartz excel at just that.  We think this is just the beginning of transforming PR and marketing.

For Schwartz's story, visit their "Crossroads" blog post and press release on our partnership.

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