Employee review platform Comparably launched their third-quarter 2019 company awards this week, recognizing workplaces across tech, retail, finance and more for their dedication to fostering a positive work environment. We’re incredibly proud that HubSpot has been recognized as a top workplace by our employees in the following categories:

Employee feedback is integral in how we adapt and innovate on our global workplace culture as HubSpot continues to scale. Without transparency from our employees on what we’re doing well and where we need to improve, we wouldn’t be able to build -- and continue iterating on -- HubSpot’s award-winning culture. Below are the practices and perks we’ve put in place throughout the years to help HubSpotters not only do their best work, but enjoy doing it.


Best Company for Employee Happiness

HubSpot’s Culture Code says that “Life is short. So it should be fulfilling and fun. Work is a big part of life. So it should also be fulfilling and fun.” As a company, we strongly believe in building camaraderie in the workplace and creating an environment where employees can be themselves. That’s why we want to always ensure HubSpot is more than just someone’s “job” and is truly a place where they feel celebrated, included, and happy while helping HubSpot solve for our customers and tackle the big problems together.

One of the ways we do that is through celebrations in the office. Whether it’s someone’s birthday, a HubSpot anniversary, they’re having a baby, getting married, graduating university, or buying their first home, individual teams and departments at HubSpot put together surprise celebrations to congratulate our employees for their accomplishments and life’s little moments. By celebrating our employees, teams, departments, holidays and more, we hope to make employees feel appreciated and valued. Life is short, so we’re going to enjoy it and celebrate it, together.

Check out what a few HubSpot employees had to say in Comparably reviews about being celebrated at HubSpot:

“We work in a happy, healthy, and safe workplace. HubSpot is dedicated to ensuring a comfortable workplace where everyone enjoys coming to work. We use employee resource groups and our People Ops team to focus on employee experience.” (Operations Employee Review)

“There is a genuine effort to make everyone as happy as possible. I feel that most people that work here are happy and that permeates throughout. It implores folks to be kind to one another and fosters great working relationships.” (IT Employee Review)

“GSD is really high (get sh*t done) but we have a lot of fun along the way. Fun team outings, celebrating birthdays, boardgames, switch, football, basketball and loads of fun off-sites.” (Engineering Employee Review)

Best Company for Work-Life Balance

We believe your career should fit into your life, not the other way around. We want HubSpot to be a place where our employees have the freedom and flexibility to live the life they want, without compromising their careers. Whether they’re growing their families, learning practices for mindfulness and mental health, or traveling to Europe to explore a new country on their bucket list, we’re here to help them find that flexibility.

HubSpot’s unlimited vacation policy and flexible work culture allow employees to work where and when they work best. We believe that results matter more than the hours we work, which is why we encourage employees to work from home, come in and leave the office when they need to, and take time off when they want. Employees have complete autonomy and we trust them to drive results regardless of their work-life fit or schedule.

But creating a healthy work-life balance is just as important in the office as it is outside of it. That’s why we have Healthy@HubSpot to support the physical and mental health of our employees. But Healthy@HubSpot is about more than just keeping workers healthy and productive. It’s about creating a community and making people comfortable in their workspace. We host a variety of programs, events, and panels through Healthy@HubSpot throughout the year including: free workout classes in our on-site gym taught by both certified HubSpotters and outside trainers, speakers who join us to give HubTalks on mental health in the workplace, Mother’s Rooms to give new moms a private space to breastfeed or just take time to rest, and this year we introduced our new Healthy@HubSpot smoothie bar in which employees can order free smoothies made with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Learn more about what HubSpotters say about our work-life balance on Comparably:

“What’s most positive about the culture is the flexibility to work everywhere and anywhere. It makes people feel better about doing good work.” (Product Team Review)

“HubSpot has an amazing team of people dedicated to growing our culture and cultivating a thriving environment. Recently, HubSpot featured two initiatives this year that I respect very much. The first was a "Work From Anywhere" week and the second was a "Mental Health Month" dedicated to awareness.” (Marketing Team Review)

The most positive aspect of the culture and environment at HubSpot is the growth potential and flexibility to make my work work for my life.” (HR Team Review)

Best Company for Perks & Benefits

We say it time and time again -- at HubSpot, our greatest perk is our people. And because of that, we want to ensure our employees have every resource to grow both personally and professionally. And while we have benefits and perks ranging from dogs in the office to our much-loved coffee bar, and even an egg freezing program for female employees, many of our favorite perks are centered around learning, growth and development to keep our “always be growing” mentality top of mind.

One of HubSpot’s coolest learning perks is the HubSpot Fellows Program. Fellows is a global Mini-MBA hosted in our Cambridge HQ in which high-potential employees, both managers and individual contributors, can apply to be selected for a four-day intensive course. Traditional MBA programs provide their graduates with critical thinking skills, personal development, and the ability to deliver cross-functional impact regardless of their chosen career paths. Our overarching goal is to bring a highly condensed version of this approach to HubSpot to give some of our high-potential employees a great experience in which to challenge themselves, learn, and connect with one another. Courses are led by both HubSpot’s Executive Leadership team and professors from Harvard Business School on everything from competitive strategy and the future of AI, to leading with empathy and high-stakes decision making.

Another one of HubSpotters’ favorite, and earliest, learning perks is the Free Books Program. Here’s how it works: any employee can request any book (within reason) through a form and we will send them a Kindle or hard copy for free within a week or two. In 2018 alone, HubSpotters used the Free Books Program to read 260 different books with titles such as Java: Artificial Intelligence; Made Easy, and Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. We have a growing library of books both digitally and offline that employees can tap into as well from the program.

HubSpot employees shared more insight into our benefits and perks through reviews on Comparably:

“I love that there are perks that demonstrate a commitment to learning (specifically the free kindle books & tuition reimbursement).” (Product Team Review)

“The benefits are insanely good - health insurance coverage, flexibility to work remotely whenever you need it, and I'm so proud to work for a company with such generous maternity and paternity leave policies.” (Customer Support Team Review)

“The people are the best perk of being at HubSpot! The company's culture code shines through and the HEART values are clearly visible throughout every level of the organization!” (Operations Team Review)

At their core, HubSpot’s benefits are rooted in flexibility to give our employees the opportunity to grow, adapt and develop in whatever way makes the most sense for them. And we know that the freedom and flexibility we provide for our employees is what helps keep them engaged and happy at work. We invest as much as we do in creating this culture of flexibility and growth because our people are our priority, and we want to ensure they have every resource to work however they work best.

Originally published Oct 3, 2019 9:42:30 AM, updated January 19 2023