In October 2021, we launched The CRM Platform Fund to support innovative, customer-centric technology companies that share our mission to help organizations grow better. And while there are a great number of promising early- and growth-stage companies that fit that description, some of the most customer-first tech startups are already thriving within our ecosystem. 

HubSpot’s partner ecosystem directly represents the value we place on meaningful connections that empower everyone to grow. We have a robust network of global solutions partners that sell and service HubSpot to companies looking for easy-to-implement solutions. We also have over 1,250 app partners who create integrations that enable customers to take the power of HubSpot further for their businesses. Then, we have the magic combination of solutions + app partners who use their unique perspectives on customer needs to develop built-for-HubSpot apps. 

The HubSpot CRM platform solves a lot of customer problems, but it doesn’t tackle all of them, which is why we launched the App Accelerator program in 2020 to work with our solutions partners who also develop on top of HubSpot. We want our customers to have solutions that meet all of their needs, so through the accelerator, HubSpot enlists solutions partners with exceptional customer knowledge and technical expertise to build apps for the HubSpot Marketplace that address customer pain points and fill product gaps that our team doesn’t have the bandwidth to work on. The accelerator has proven to be beneficial for the entire ecosystem – trusted partners receive technical guidance from HubSpot developer advocates to build custom integrations and our shared customers get access to specialized products that suit their particular use cases. So to strengthen our commitment to helping both our partners and customers grow better, HubSpot Ventures is investing in our ecosystem entrepreneurs through accelerator-based efforts and The CRM Platform Fund.

Our Investment in hapily

I’m thrilled to announce that hapily, an app studio founded by elite solutions partner, Aptitude8, is now a HubSpot Ventures portfolio company. As one of the fastest partners to reach the Solutions Partner Program’s highest tier, the Aptitude8 team has demonstrated a solid commitment to helping HubSpot customers succeed with technical solutions. In 2022, the Aptitude8 team participated in the International App Accelerator program which led to the development of their Stripe subscriptions management + HubSpot app integration, Zaybra, and the creation of hapily (formerly A8 Labs).  


Screenshot of the hapily’s Stripe subscription management software, Zaybra. Zaybra was one of 12 apps created by solutions partners who took part in HubSpot’s May 2022 International App Accelerator Program.


During the accelerator, Aptitude8 CEO Connor Jeffers met Dax Miller and Tyron Foston, co-founders of Appchemist, the first company focused on building apps for the HubSpot ecosystem. Aptitude8 went on to acquire Appchemist and together the team developed a number of high-quality apps that deepen the power of HubSpot’s CRM platform. 


Hapily currently has 6 apps in the HubSpot Marketplace:

The hapily team knows what solutions HubSpot customers are looking for, so their list of ideas for new built-for-HubSpot apps is lengthy, but their current focus is developing products that solve the complex needs of enterprise and midmarket companies and companies that specialize in niche verticals. 

Supporting a More Connected Platform Ecosystem

Hapily’s dedication to exclusively developing products that extend and expand the power of the HubSpot CRM platform make it a valuable addition to our platform ecosystem. With years of experience helping HubSpot customers solve complex needs, the hapily team is uniquely positioned to build the niche solutions our shared customers need to scale their businesses and cultivate deeper connections with their communities. We’re thrilled to partner with hapily as they grow and can’t wait to see what the team builds next! 

Learn more about hapily here or read the recent press release here.

Originally published Mar 2, 2023 10:38:39 AM, updated March 02 2023