If there’s one thing modern businesses have in abundance, it’s data. Teams use several tools to collect information on their customers, operations, and performance metrics, but not every business has the right solutions to help them leverage this wealth of data in the most impactful way. Many businesses deal with disjointed data fragments spread across multiple tools that don’t work well together. According to an internal pulse survey conducted in late 2022, we found that disconnected systems are the #1 pain point for companies in our market.

To solve this disconnect, a breakthrough in the data management space known as Reverse ETL (extract, transform, load) emerged. Reverse ETL (extract, transform, load) platforms (also known as Data Activation Platforms) sync processed data from a company’s data warehouse into any of its internal tools and business applications like HubSpot. Reverse ETL ensures that all company members rely on the same source-of-truth data from the central data warehouse. It allows team members to analyze this data and use it in their tools to drive marketing, advertising, operations, and more. In an era where customer data is vital for driving business growth, having the right tools to help harness this data is crucial.

Our Investment in Hightouch

Because we believe in the power of connected data and systems, HubSpot Ventures is thrilled to announce our investment in the leading Reverse ETL solution, Hightouch. Hightouch syncs data directly from a data warehouse to the third-party tools businesses use every day. By syncing data into tools like HubSpot, front-office teams gain increased data visibility, enabling them to quickly take action on data-driven decisions and campaigns.

Hightouch logo on the left, five blinking green dots connecting to the HubSpot logo on the right on a forest green background

Hightouch transforms data extracted from data warehouses and loads it into business applications like HubSpot so that front-office teams can take action with that data. 

This strategic investment is a natural next step in HubSpot’s relationship with Hightouch as HubSpot customers have already shown great interest in the solution. 

In the HubSpot App Marketplace, Hightouch has seen 112% year-over-year active install growth since joining the App Partner Program in late-2020. 

Hightouch’s features support advanced data teams as well as non-technical marketers. Data teams can use Hightouch to streamline complex modeling tasks like identity and entity resolution directly in their data warehouse, ensuring a solid foundation.  Marketing teams can then use this foundation to build audiences and sync them out to their tools like HubSpot to power campaigns without writing any code. Hightouch is democratizing data access for all company members, allowing everyone to power their operations with their customer data.

Hightouch outshines its fellow Reverse ETL providers, offering a significantly richer set of features and exceptional ease of use compared to its competitors. The platform surpasses its direct competitors in both the number and complexity of integrations as it’s integrated with over 20 data warehouse platforms and more than 200 destinations, one of the top being HubSpot. 

In the future, we plan to work closely with Hightouch to create data onboarding resources to teach our shared customers how to supercharge HubSpot use cases for marketing, sales, and service teams. 

Disrupting a Legacy Industry

Many businesses used to turn to Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to use customer data to drive personalization. Traditional CDPs collect clickstream data, unify it into customer profiles, and then synchronize it to other tools. These platforms help companies align data across systems, but rely on rigid data collection and modeling separate from the warehouse, are difficult to implement and maintain, and are expensive all-in-one solutions.

Reverse ETL allows these companies to leverage their existing data investments, bypassing the need for a traditional CDP. These Reverse ETL-powered Composable CDPs allow companies to sync customer data directly from the data warehouse out to all of their downstream tools rather than paying for a traditional CDP to collect clickstream events and pass that data to tools. 

Hightouch is pioneering the composable CDP category. More and more customers are relying on Hightouch to leverage their customer data and put it to work in destinations like HubSpot in just a matter of minutes. Hightouch’s vision for a warehouse-driven data stack challenges how every industry approaches customer data and is providing businesses everywhere with a new way to accomplish their goals and drive better customer experiences.

Thriving in a Data-Driven World 

The HubSpot Ventures portfolio is full of customer-centric companies that build products created to foster the success of scaling businesses globally and Hightouch is no exception. Companies today strongly need a powerful data management solution that’s easy to use, customizable, and comprehensive – Hightouch meets all those needs and more. Through this strategic investment, HubSpot and Hightouch will work together to create a more connected and insightful environment for businesses, enabling them to thrive in today's data-driven world.

Learn more about how Hightouch helps businesses maximize the potential of their customer data, and check out the team’s announcement post here.

Originally published Aug 8, 2023 9:00:00 AM, updated August 08 2023