Introducing HubSpot Ventures

A new $30 million investment fund for startups that align with HubSpot’s mission to help millions of organizations grow better.

More Than Money - It’s a Relationship

To succeed as a startup, you need a lot more than capital. You need the right tool set, strategy, and supporters who share your values and philosophy of growth. That’s why HubSpot Ventures commits to resources that go well beyond funding — we provide access to expert advising and first-rate business tools. Every portfolio company will have access to:


HubSpot Leadership Advisor

A “Grow Better” benchmarking review and personalized coaching with HubSpot senior leaders who have lived the startup journey and subject matter experts who help businesses master their sales, marketing, and services motions every day.


HubSpot Discount

Gain access to the entire HubSpot CRM Suite including add-ons, all at discounted rates. Start your marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations off on the right foot with HubSpot products to help you grow better  all at a discounted rate.


Special Event Access

Special events and attendance at our annual Partner Day, INBOUND event, and virtual programming.

  • The HubSpot team has been extremely helpful throughout Lorem's journey...their lessons and advice on growth have been invaluable, and their backing has helped us close deals with other partners and investors. An ideal strategic investor for us.

    Sam Wilcoxon

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Lorem Technologies

  • The HubSpot Ventures team has been a great resource as we grow our business. Beyond their financial investment, they are committed to building a true partnership and are more than willing to share their deep first hand knowledge of the B2B market.

    Ariel Diaz

    Founder & CEO


  • HubSpot is a successful mid-market SaaS leader who grew the right way. We felt that we could learn a lot from the HubSpot team that would help us scale our own SaaS business.

    Jason Wu

    CTO and Co-Founder


  • The small portfolio gatherings have been critical for shaping our understanding of what the early days looked like, drawing connections to our challenges, and how larger companies evolve from start through scale-up.

    Ben Jabbawy

    CEO & Founder


Who Should Apply

We’re not looking for quick-wins with this fund — we’re looking to build long-term relationships. We’re investing in companies that we believe will not only produce a positive return over time, but also expand the impact of HubSpot’s philosophy of growing better. That means never sacrificing the customer experience for the sake of growth. You should apply if you:

  • Align with our mission to help millions of organizations grow better.
  • Have potential to deliver unique value to the HubSpot community.
  • Are building a leading SaaS-based product.
  • Embody values in HubSpot’s Customer Code and Culture Code.
  • Are raising a Series A or Series B round with a notable lead investor.

Start Growing Better with HubSpot Ventures Today

HubSpot Ventures is committing resources that go well beyond funding — we’re providing access to expert advising and first-rate business tools.

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