Here at HubSpot, we care about our customers. We try to put them first in everything we do, starting with building the most helpful and holistic product humanly possible. getapp_category_leader2x.pngOne of our biggest priorities is to “Solve for the Customer” (SFTC) -- we take it seriously, with hundreds of employees focused on iterating and improving the product, 24/7/365. 

For this reason, HubSpot is honored to announce it has been named the #1 Marketing Automation Software by GetApp, as well as the highest score on GetApp’s ranking of Content Marketing apps.

GetApp’s comprehensive 2016 Q3 report calculates company rankings based on five categories, each worth 20 points: user reviews, integrations, mobile app availability, media presence, and security.

"HubSpot claimed the #1 rank for marketing automation software in GetApp's 2016 Q3 report, with a total score of 92 out of 100, putting them 15 points ahead of any other vendor," said Suzie Blaszkiewicz, Market Researcher and Project Manager at GetApp. "This was in large part due to their perfect scores for the 'Reviews', 'Integrations' and 'Media Presence' sub-categories of the ranking. These scores demonstrate their dedication to their users , along with HubSpot's ability to work well with other systems in the field and their stature in the industry.

"HubSpot also secured perfect scores for those sub-categories within GetApp's 2016 Q3 content marketing software ranking," continued Blaszkiewicz, "where they landed the top spot as well. HubSpot's agile mobile offerings and strong data security added to their overall score in our content marketing category giving them a total of 89 out of 100, which is nearly 30 points higher the next vendor on the ranking."

If you’re interested in learning more, see GetApp’s full Marketing Automation and Content Marketing rankings. If you’d like to build HubSpot’s next award-winning product, check our careers page -- we’re hiring!

Originally published Jul 24, 2016 10:40:54 PM, updated July 25 2016