headshot-hunter.jpgFrom a product and people perspective, HubSpot’s sales side of the business has seen some exciting changes over the past few years: We’ve launched HubSpot CRM and introduced HubSpot Sales, hired headcount around the world, and, with the launch of HubSpot Marketing in five new languages, grown an international customer base with rocketship-esque speed. Through it all, SVP of Global Sales Hunter Madeley has led the charge.

That’s why today we’re proud to announce that HubSpot has appointed Hunter to the position of Chief Sales Officer, where he will empower businesses around the world to adopt and leverage inbound sales to reach new customers in a more helpful and human way.

“I’m thrilled to take on this new leadership opportunity, especially for a team that has made such a habit of outperforming expectations,” said Madeley. “Looking ahead, as customers rely less on the traditional sales model and conduct more independent research and consideration, the emergence of inbound sales makes it a truly exciting time to step into this role.”

Since joining HubSpot in 2014 as the SVP of Global Sales, Hunter has managed HubSpot’s Direct and Channel international sales organization and helped the company expand into new markets in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. As the company’s first Chief Sales Officer, Hunter will take a more holistic approach to leading the vision, strategy, and execution of HubSpot’s global sales team.

In honor of Hunter's new role, CEO Brian Halligan penned a poem:


Prior to HubSpot, Hunter served as Vice President, Commercial Sales, at Salesforce.com, where he helped drive worldwide revenue from $2B to $4B. Hunter has held senior management roles in a decade-long career with ADP Inc., where he contributed to the Global Account Management strategy, industry leading growth rates, and the company’s evolution to become one of the world's most successful multi-product SaaS providers.

If HubSpot’s Sales Team sounds like somewhere you’d like to work, good news -- we’re hiring!

Originally published Apr 19, 2016 10:03:42 AM, updated April 19 2016


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