HubSpot announced today that Facebook has recognized the company for its rich capabilities, deep expertise, and long track record of success in advertising technology, naming HubSpot an official badged marketing partner. The new partnership builds upon existing collaboration between the two companies, which includes several different integrations, such as the ability to schedule and directly publish content from HubSpot to Instagram.

According to a recent report from HubSpot Research, 48% of consumers use Facebook to catch up on news, business, and lifestyle stories online, making it the second most popular online destination for that type of content. Savvy marketers are already leveraging this channel to reach their audience where they spend their time. But with new changes to the platform being announced regularly, fast-growing marketing teams need to make sure they’re leveraging all of the tools available to make the most of their Facebook strategy. By naming HubSpot a badged partner, Facebook recognizes the company's readiness to support those teams with deep integrations and tools designed for growing companies.

“We’re thrilled to bring some of Facebook’s new and very innovative B2B solutions to our customers and become a badged partner,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot. “Investing in native integrations with Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger is going to help HubSpot customers grow now and well into the future.”

Both Facebook and Instagram ads currently integrate into the HubSpot Marketing Hub, giving high-growth companies the tools they need to effectively reach, nurture, and grow their audience. Customers can also use the Facebook lead ads integration to collect leads and target Lookalike Audiences. HubSpot also recently added the ability to schedule and directly publish content from HubSpot to Instagram, a highly requested feature only just made available by a recent API release from Facebook.

HubSpot has also recently:

  • Added Facebook video support to social media publishing
  • Brought Lead Ads and Audience Sync into the Facebook ads integration
  • Collaborated on a major co-marketing campaign with Facebook
  • Committed to bringing Messenger into the HubSpot platform

These product offerings all bolster HubSpot’s ability to help inbound marketers take advantage of all of Facebook’s tools.

“Facebook is moving quickly to build ad formats and technology that solve the needs of small business marketers,” said Will DeKrey, Product Manager, HubSpot Ads. “We love that Facebook – like HubSpot – solves for humans first: they reward advertising that is relevant, helpful, and engaging. Sharp marketers are pairing HubSpot and Facebook to improve their ROI and amplify the positive effect of inbound marketing.”

Currently all Facebook ads integrations mentioned are live in HubSpot. Instagram organic publishing is joining the publishing features in the Social tools this week, and a Messenger integration is currently in early alpha.

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Originally published Feb 27, 2018 8:00:00 AM, updated January 19 2023


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