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Standing out from hundreds - sometimes thousands - of other candidates in the job search is tough.

If we want ultimately to get the job, though, we have to find a way. Question is, how?

Besides perfecting our resumes and doing well during the interview, there’s a part that we often overlook: the follow up email.

We can actually use follow up emails after interviews, after submitting an application, after sending a resume, and after any step in the job search process in order to emphasize our value to employers.

While many people do send these emails, most don’t make the most of this valuable email real estate.

The following follow up email templates are designed to to help you stand out and land your dream job. Want to understand how to craft follow up emails a bit more before jumping to the templates? Review our comprehensive guide first and then scroll below to find: 

  • Sample Follow Up Email Subject Lines
  • 10 Follow Up Email Templates For The Job Search
  • 3 Tools To Improve Follow Up Emails


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Follow Up Email Subject Lines


First things first: the subject line.

Our subject lines are what ultimately get our emails opened. And in case you’re stumped on how to write that subject line, we put together a list of the most effective subject lines for follow up emails after an interview or a job application that we've seen:


10 Follow Up Email Templates


Use Case: To A Recruiter 



If you’ve ever been to a job fair, you’ve seen the swarms of people in attendance. Everyone is trying to make a lasting impression. Handing in a paper resume can get lost in the piles of others. So how can we actually stand out from the crowd?  

Simple: with a follow up email that further conveys our value to the recruiter.  


Use Case: After Social Media Outreach



Contacting a potential employer through Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or some other form of social media has become a great strategy for establishing first contact and general familiarity before or after submitting a job application. 

Know exactly when someone opens your email.

It's tough to figure out when you should follow up. When you track your emails, you'll get notifications everytime someone opens your email so you can follow up immediately.

HubSpot Sales Email Tracking



Use Case: After An Application 



To demonstrate that we care about the position, the product, and the company, we can add a personal touch to our follow up email on an application.


Use Case: After Phone Interview



Phone interview? Complete. Time to sit and wait to hear from the team, right?


Recruiters often handle multiple phone screens a day. It’s important to follow up on our conversation with an email re-emphasizing the main talking points with specific details. It’s time to show them why we should continue in the hiring process. 


Use Case: After Interview



We’re getting closer to hearing the final answer, but to increase our chances of getting an offer, let’s not lose sight of the continued importance of the follow up.

Now, we should re-emphasize why we believe we’re a great candidate for this particular role at this specific company and reinforce points that we brought up during the interview. Our potential employer is probably interviewing a pool of candidates, so it’s important to find a way to stand out.


Use Case: After Second Interview



Got invited back for a second interview? We know the drill. One approach below.



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Use Case: After No Response



Okay, we sent the thank you follow up email immediately after our last interview, waiting in trepidation for a response. Now it’s been a few weeks ... and still nothing.

We can now try sending this follow up email after no response template to remind the employer that we’re still interested in the position, but also to gently acknowledge that we can’t wait forever.


Use Case: Asking For More Time On An Offer



I did it! I got the job! I can’t wait to call my mom and tell her the good news.

Wait, hold the phone ... I’m still interviewing with two other companies. Now I have to make an important decision: immediately accept the offer or ask for an extension to follow through with my existing interview processes. Here is an email template for the latter.


Use Case: Declining An Offer




Use Case: Accepting An Offer



Follow Up Email Tools



This web app sends us updates whenever our connections are mentioned in the news. Use these mentions to send meaningful follow ups to recruiters and employers.

LinkedIn Company Pages

Similarly, the company’s recent updates feed helps us find industry news, marketing campaigns, events, blog posts, or new products to reference in the body of our emails to spur real conversations.

Email Tracking

With this tool, we get real-time updates on our contact, including their Twitter feed and links to various social media pages. We can see when they opened our emails or attachments, and even when they clicked on our links.

Landing the job is about distinguishing ourselves from every other candidate.

We can do this in many ways: articulating ourselves well, an outstanding resume, relevant experience, a personal connection, and meaningful follow up emails that convey our value and passion.

Know exactly when someone opens your email.

It's tough to figure out when you should follow up. When you track your emails, you'll get notifications everytime someone opens your email so you can follow up immediately.

HubSpot Sales Email Tracking


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