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Grow your business with HubSpot's best in class marketing and sales software at a fraction of the cost. Join the program by applying below:

About HubSpot for Startups

Early stage startups have it tough. How do you build your business and your brand - without breaking the bank?

For nearly 10 years, HubSpot's award-winning marketing software has helped businesses expand and manage their online marketing presence. Now all of that power is available to even the most fledgling of bootstrapped companies with HubSpot for Startups.

For companies that belong to certified accelerators, incubators, Seed VCs, or entrepreneurial organizations, HubSpot for Startups offers a two-year path to greatness that will help you grow with minimal up front investment.

Apply Now To Access:
  • HubSpot's best-in-class marketing software, sales professional software, and add-ons at 90% off
  • HubSpot's free, fully integrated CRM
  • Landing page, email, and blog templates of your website
  • Exclusive access to HubSpot's startup network via our HubSpot for Startups Slack Team 
  • Access to HubSpot's Onboarding Plan for Startups

Download our program guide to learn more about the what HubSpot for Startups includes, and whether your startups qualifies for the program.

Startup Onboarding

Startup Onboarding is designed to help startup businesses get value from HubSpot as quickly as possible. This exclusive onboarding plan is engineered for startups with limited time and resources, efficiently teaching you how to use the HubSpot software to meet your growth goals.
Hit the ground running with:
  • Assistance with the technical set up associated with the HubSpot Software
  • Up to one (1) training session per quarter for assistance with implementation of HubSpot tools and/or methodology.
  • Exclusive access to HubSpot's startup community on Slack and Inbound.org
  • Full access to all of the HubSpot Support Team
  • Access to the abundance of resources from the HubSpot Academy

Learn more about Startup Onboarding

Power Your Entire Marketing and Sales Efforts with HubSpot's Software

All of the tools your startup needs in one easy-to-use, all-in-one platform.

Increase Traffic & Demand

With HubSpot's SEO, social media, email marketing, landing pages, blogging, and dynamic website platform.

Deliver Qualified Leads

Send leads to sales at the right time with lead scoring, lead notifications, lead management, and CRM integration.

Measure & Improve

Know what's working and what's not with real-time analyics, dashboards, and custom reports across all marketing channels.

Become a Certified Startup Program

HubSpot for Startups is open to members of 400+ select Accelerators, Incubators, Seed VCs, and Entrepreneurial Organizations from across the globe.

Now Accepting New Startup Programs

Want to become a certified member of HubSpot for Startups? Click below to give your startups access tools to scale their businesses.

Startup Company Eligibility Requirements

Before you apply, make sure you meet the following criteria:


Have less than $1M in funding and less than $1M in aggregate lifetime revenue

Startup Program

Be within 12 months of graduation from an approved program Accelerator, Incubator, Seed VC, or Entrepreneurial Organization

HubSpot Affiliation

Are not currently a HubSpot customer or marketing agency

When you're small and just starting out, you want to be as nimble and efficient as possible. Startup marketing is never easy, but HubSpot takes the pain away of using multiple tools that don't talk to each other. It's been an invaluable resource for us to test messaging, audiences and channels as we bring a brand new solution to the market.

Kaleigh Simmons

Director of Marketing



Don't see your answer below? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1-888-HUBSPOT.

  • What does HubSpot do?
    HubSpot is an inbound marketing software that combines both tools and education/training to enable your startup to generate more qualified leads online. You can find a complete overview of the tools here.
    Is my startup eligible?
    At this point in time, HubSpot for Startups is only open to startups that are currently in programs affiliated with approved startup program, or recent alumni of those programs within 1 year of graduation. If you are unsure if your startup program is eligible, please defer to the requirements above.
    What is an approved startup program?
    The program is primarily geared towards the top accelerators, incubators, Seed VCs, and entrepreneurial organizations in the world. We look to partner with organizations that have a vested interest in the success of their startups. This includes entities that provide seed funding, curriculum, mentorship, but do not require startups to pay for their services.
    How can I get my startup program into the program?
    If your startup program is not currently in the program, please click on the button at the end of the program guide and reference a point-of-contact at the startup partner company we can speak with to discuss eligibility. Within 24 hours a representative will get in touch.
    Is inbound marketing right for my startup?
    Inbound marketing has shown to be a highly valuable and rewarding marketing strategy for startups. Regardless of whether you are in the product phase, or looking to start generating leads, Inbound is something that is imperative in today’s landscape to succeed online.
    How much time should I expect to spend doing inbound marketing?
    Time commitment varies for each and every company. We recommended that as a company you can dedicate 10-15 hours a week to all of your inbound marketing needs, however it depends on a company by company basis.
  • How much does HubSpot cost?

    The HubSpot for Startups package includes a $540 onboarding cost and a 12 month annual commitment billed monthly for the software. This price is reduced by 90% your first year and then 50% year two per our pricing page here.

    What happens after our first year?

    HubSpot for Startups currently provides a grant for 90% off the software your first year. During your subscription period, you have access to an account manager who will help manage your subscription. Prior to your renewal date, you will have the option of continuing with the program at a year two grant of 50% off the software. You revert to full pricing year three.

    How is a contact defined in HubSpot?

    A contact is a single customer, prospect, lead or individual whose contact information is stored by you in HubSpot. As the HubSpot user, you’re able to add, update, or remove contacts at any time to meet your business goals and product limits. To determine the right contact tier for your business, we suggest you add up the total number of contacts you now have in your email marketing and CRM systems combined.

  • What is a HubSpot Template Setup?

    A template setup is when the HubSpot Migrations Team recreates your existing website style and builds a set of Blog, Email and Landing Page templates that closely resemble your website within the HubSpot platform. Once the template setup is complete, you will have a blog template and several page layouts that you may use inside the HubSpot content optimization system (COS). For more details please review, How a template set up works.

    How does HubSpot integrate with my website?

    HubSpot integrates with all leading content management systems, in addition to most popular CRM systems, GoTo Webinar, and hundreds more through our relationship with Zapier. You can see additional integrations here.

    What does the setup process look like?

    HubSpot for Startups includes access to a technical setup rep who will help configure your account. You'll also receive strategic direction through a series of emails and an onboarding plan. HubSpot Support is also available on-demand for technical questions that come up.

    Does HubSpot replace all of my tools? Or just some?

    HubSpot does a great job of consolidating all of your tools under one roof. One support team, one login, and one dashboard to control all of your Inbound Marketing efforts. You can read more about this via our comparison to building this out yourself. You can use HubSpot in tandem with some tools, but the primary tools around SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Automation and Analytics can be replicated in HubSpot.


  •  Do I need to host my website with HubSpot to HubSpot for Startups?

    No. HubSpot is used by companies in one of three ways:

    1. You can host your entire website on our content management system (CMS). The benefits and details around which are detailed here.

    2. You can host a portion of your site with HubSpot via a subdomain. This typically includes your blog and landing pages (both of which we create for you upon signup).

    3. You don’t have to host anything on HubSpot. You can integrate via a Javascript tracking code, form embeds, and our forms API.

    What documentation exists for developers using the HubSpot API?

    HubSpot's API is built to allow you to create a functional application or integration quickly and easily. We know from experience - these are the APIs that power the HubSpot application. The ecosystem of developers creating integrations on top of the APIs are strong and diverse, ranging from webinar providers to CRMs to social advertising. HubSpot offers extensive API documentation for developers and a vast developer forum. 

    What support exists for developers using HubSpot API?

    HubSpot's Developer Community Forum is a public discussion group for discussing the HubSpot APIs. You can also access the group here. This is the best, and only official, place to post questions, comments, and ideas related to the various HubSpot APIs. These APIs are not supported by HubSpot's normal customer support team.  


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