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The Killer Slide Every Pitch Deck Needs

This article will explore the “How We Get Big” slide, a crucial part of any pitch deck. Read post

10 Benefits of Agile Project Management for Startups

Agile has been widely adopted across various disciplines and industries. Here, we look at the merits of an Agile approach to project management in the context of startup businesses. Read post read post

6 Tips On Writing a Killer Outreach Email to Investors

Cold outreach isn't easy, especially when you're not sure how to introduce yourself or your company. We'll show you how to avoid investors' pet peeves, and more, importantly, how to grab attention and show credibility.  Read post read the post

5 Top Project Management Tools for Startups

A look at the top 5 project management tools used by HubSpot users.

Read post read the post

5 Pitch Deck Mistakes Every Founder Makes (And How to Fix Them)

A great pitch deck will get you in the room with a VC. Here’s how to write your own and avoid common mistakes that could ruin your chances. Read post read the post

The Importance of DEI for Startups

For startups, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion should be a foundational part of the business. Here’s how and why to focus on diversity, equity and inclusion from day one. Read post.

6 Steps to Managing Remote Teams: A Guide for Startups

Discover six steps to build, scale, and manage a remote-first startup. Read the post

Top Ten Reasons Startups Fail

Starting a business comes with a multitude of potential challenges. From financial issues to poor marketing strategies, entrepreneurs must be aware of the common pitfalls that can impede their success—and have a plan for avoiding them. This article explores ten common mistakes startups make and provides tips on preventing them. Read post

A Guide to U.S. Tax Credits for Startups

Tax credits can provide startups with some great benefits. Here are the essentials to guide you through the various tax credits available. Read the post

When to Launch Your Second Product

Developing a second product after launching a successful first one can be a challenge, but there are ways to ensure you don’t commit these common mistakes. Read post
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Unlocking Growth With a Good RevOps Manager

Revenue Operations (RevOps) managers consolidate efforts, tools, and data involving sales, marketing, finance, customer support, and operations. Read post

Effective Sales Strategy for Startups

Are you looking to increase sales as a new startup? Learn how to implement an effective sales strategy plan with this guide to startup sales strategies. Read post

When Should a Startup Switch from Spreadsheets to CRM

There's no shame starting off on spreadsheets to manage your customer relationships. But at some point you will want to make jump to a dedicated CRM. Read post

How Startups Can Use AI in Their Content Strategy

Studies reveal that AI adoption has helped businesses increase revenue and improve customer experience by automating tasks and freeing employees to do more meaningful, critical work.

Read post

What Is a Business Accelerator? Everything You Need To Know

Business accelerators help startups scale quickly or enter a new market. Learn more about accelerators at HubSpot for Startups. Read post

What Is an Incubator? A Complete Guide for Startups

What is an incubator? Startup incubators are programs and hubs built to help startups with everything from workspaces to funding. Read post

28 Startup Trends to Watch in 2023

Whether you're starting a new business or investing in one, this comprehensive guide will outline 28 startup trends you need to keep an eye on in 2023. Read post