Effective marketing is all about two things: segmentation and scale. HubSpot’s new Workflows tool is designed to help you with both. Workflows is a powerful new tool in HubSpot that makes nurturing your leads, managing your pipeline, and automating your marketing incredibly easy.

Segmentation + Nurturing in Perfect Harmony

Workflows works in concert with HubSpot’s list segmentation tool, making it easy for you to build hyper-specific segments of leads whom you can target with customized marketing campaigns. Want to send an automated welcome email to all new customers? Omit leads with a “gmail” address from your marketing campaigns? Nurture new whitepaper leads in different ways depending on their industry and company role? These things (and an infinite number of other uses) are all possible with Workflows.

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Fully Automated Lead Nurturing

It’s easy to set up robust, highly customized lead nurturing emails with Workflows. Simply select your starting condition (such as a contact completing a form, an import, or a wide range of other criteria), then start adding email messages as steps. You can easily add as many email messages as you’d like to a workflow, add in delays that are granular down to the minute, and take other actions as part of your campaign (for instance, adding users who have completed your campaign to a list of leads to follow up with).

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Beautiful Emails, Robust Reporting

Because Workflows works with HubSpot’s new email tool, it’s easy to create beautiful emails that are highly customized and deeply personalized for each lead. Easily manage templates, test and tweak your message, drop in calls to action, and build your emails from one powerful and easy to use interface. When it comes time to report on campaign performance, you can take advantage of HubSpot’s deep and insightful analytics tools. See which leads opened which messages and when, which links they clicked on, and what actions they ultimately took.

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More than Just Email

Workflows is also much more than just a lead nurturing tool - it can help you automate common marketing processes, and move leads through your funnel in an efficient and scalable way. Want to change a lead’s lifecycle stage when they’ve downloaded a pricing guide? Push a lead to Salesforce only when they’ve met a certain qualification threshold? Send a webhook to another system notifying it of a new contact? All possible with Workflows.

Workflows brings marketers the same kind of automation a sophisticated CRM system provides to sales, and takes it a step further. Because it’s also incredibly intuitive and easy to get started with, it has the power to change your marketing on the very first day you start using it.

Over the next few months, we’ll be working to migrate existing customers from the legacy lead nurturing tool to Workflows in as seamless a way possible. Existing customers who already have access to Workflows can find documentation on using it here.

Originally published Aug 15, 2012 10:19:00 PM, updated January 17 2023