Sustainability at HubSpot

Our company's commitments to creating a more sustainable future

Policies & Programs

From employee resource groups to recycling practices, here’s how we approach sustainability at HubSpot


As a participant in the UN Global Compact, we have committed to adopt sustainable practices, report on those practices, and track them over time. 

We have designed and maintained our global facilities to reduce HubSpot’s environmental impact and have implemented several programs in the areas of video conferencing, workplace flexibility, recycling, and energy conservation that get the job done while using and re-using resources at the most efficient level possible. We also support remote work and provide our employees with remote access to applications, programs, data, and collaboration tools to reduce environmental cost associated with commuting, office space usage, and team travel.  

All of the emissions from HubSpot’s activities, such as employee travel and commute times, office electricity, and third party vendor emissions, are carbon neutral. We’ve offset our emissions from 2006, the year the company was founded, through 2020, and we intend to maintain our carbon neutral status in the future. Following Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards, we’ve offset over 80,000 metric tons of emissions through the purchase of renewable energy certificates and Green-e® certified carbon offsets. For 2020, we also invested in a renewable energy carbon offset project in North America and Renewable Energy Certificates in America, Australia, Columbia, Europe, Japan, and Singapore. Learn more here.


Company culture and investing in our people are not only HR priorities at HubSpot, they are core business priorities. We see it as our responsibility to build and scale a culture that helps people do their best work, and is above all, inclusive. 

We’re also passionate about helping our global communities grow better. Through our global HubSpot Helps program, we support initiatives in two core areas: education and entrepreneurship. These two areas align with our core mission, as well as employees’ passions. 

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DI&B) is another core part of our mission. HubSpot customers are diverse in their backgrounds, experiences, and needs, and to help them grow better, we need to build a company that is reflective of that diversity. We have incorporated DI&B into our policies and practices, education and events, and executive and community programs. These include our annual diversity report, our DI&B committee and team, executive and employee training, and our global employee resource groups.


Two key policies help us drive forward our sustainable governance practices: (1) our Code of Use Good Judgment, which applies to all of our employees, officers, and directors and highlights that everything we do at HubSpot will be, and should be, measured against the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct, and (2) our Human Rights Policy, which outlines HubSpot’s position on fundamental human rights.

We also believe privacy and data protection are the foundation for trust.  Accordingly, we support the roll-out of privacy and data protection laws around the world. We also build privacy-enhancing features into our platform, as evidenced by our GDPR Playbook.

Finally, the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of our Board of Directors is responsible for, and has oversight over, HubSpot’s ESG efforts under its committee charter.


Downloadable content that summarizes HubSpot's sustainability practices

ESG Questionnaire

A pre-filled questionnaire that provides answers to some commonly asked questions regarding our sustainability practices.


Human Rights Policy

Respect for human rights is a fundamental value of HubSpot. This document outlines our commitment to upholding that value. 


Sustainability Excerpt from 2021 Proxy Statement

A summary of HubSpot's sustainability programs as reported in our 2021 proxy statement. 


Stats & Facts

Sustainability at HubSpot, by the numbers

  • 5

    Employee Resource Groups

  • 340K

    sq ft of LEED-certified office space

  • 500+

    members of Eco@HubSpot employee group

  • 100+

    tons of refuse diverted from landfills


  • Yes! Our annual Diversity Report provides an overview of our commitment to building a more diverse and inclusive culture and the progress we’ve made since first publishing the report in 2017. 

  • We encourage our employees to play an active role in furthering our sustainability efforts. In 2018, some of our employees in Dublin founded a group called Eco@HubSpot to support local sustainability projects. The team has since expanded to more than 350 members across the globe.

  • On the governance side, we’ve pursued certifications that point to our commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers, including a TRUSTe privacy certification. You can learn more about our security practices here.

    We have also been widely recognized for our award-winning culture. You can see a full list of our workplace awards here.

  • Yes – we're working with Anthesis, the largest group of dedicated sustainability professionals globally, to help us with our sustainability goals. Anthesis brings together 650+ sustainability experts operating in 40 countries, serving over 1000 clients across a wide range of sectors to meet their sustainability ambitions.

  • Yes. Early in 2021, we worked to identify key opportunities that are material and important to both internal and external stakeholders. The assessment results were reviewed in conjunction with HubSpot’s overall business strategy to identify three areas we’ll continue to focus on: 

    • Diversity & Belonging
    • Privacy & Data Protection
    • Energy & Emissions

    We are evaluating each of these areas and gathering additional insights to inform our go forward strategy for setting relevant targets and/or commitments.