As a marketer or a sales rep, you want access to as much data about your leads as possible. More information about your leads means you can make more educated decisions about how to best market and sell to them. When you know who they are, their interests, and how well qualified they are, your interactions can be more relevant, and more likely to result in closed business.

But as important as having a volume of information available is having the right information close at hand. In the redesigned version of the HubSpot Contacts database, we have made it easier than ever to surface exactly the details you need from all the data you collect on every lead.

hubspot contacts

The right details at the right time

The first thing you'll notice about the all new HubSpot Contacts database is the overview screen. At the very top, you'll find a set of starred properties that you can easily choose and reorder to make sure that the details that are most important to you are always close at hand. Right below your starred properties is Contacts Timeline, a chronological history of every interaction a contact has had with your brand - from the keywords or channels that first helped them discover you, all the way to their most recent pageviews, link clicks, and email opens.

All of your properties, easily searchable

Between your marketing database and your CRM system, it's possible that you collect hundreds of different data points about your leads. We've made it easier than ever to store, sort through, and leverage these fields for both marketers and sales reps alike. We've moved all of your non-starred properties to their own view, and given you the ability to instantly search for fields. And as always, every field can be reordered, the data edited, or starred to push it back up to the overview screen.

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The details

  • Now available - This change is now available.
  • Who gets it - The redesigned HubSpot Contacts is available to all HubSpot customers who have access to HubSpot 3.
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Originally published Feb 6, 2013 6:30:00 PM, updated January 17 2023