Brian Halligan Discusses the HubSpot Partner Program with Nate Riggs

by Carol Ortenberg


Oct 27, 2009 5:16:00 PM

Nate Riggs

While at the Inbound Marketing Summit, Nate Riggs sat down with HubSpot CEO and founder Brian Halligan to discuss the HubSpot Partner Program.

As Brian explained, the decision to start a partner program was a new direction. Previously HubSpot sold directly to customers -- though there were companies who wanted to resell HubSpot,  we hadn't yet decided to go that direction. What changed however, was that not only was there a demand from companies to resell the product; but more so, there was a demand by our customers to have someone assist them with the product. While Hubspot does give every customer guidance about best practices with inbound marketing & HubSpot, we don't do the work for them.

Though HubSpot did not want to enter the services marketplace, we are happy to enable others to find successful inbound marketing services companies. For us, building the Inbound Marketing community is vital to changing how the world views marketing.

To view Nate's take on the interview, check out his blog or sign up to learn more about the HubSpot Partner Program.

Photo by Nate Riggs

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