HubSpot is excited to announce the launch of over 65 new software integrations. These integrations are part of HubSpot Connect, HubSpot’s technology partner program designed to help SaaS companies grow by building value-added integrations between their own software and HubSpot. In conjunction with launching these new integrations, HubSpot published a “Pledge to Integration Partners”-- a credo for SaaS companies embracing the realities of competition and what HubSpot strives to honor for its technology partners as it scales its ecosystem of integrations.

With the marketing technology landscape up to 5,381 solutions (from 4,891 unique companies-- up 40% since 2016) and the rate at which disruptions and innovations continue to shake up the market, it’s increasingly important for SaaS businesses to adopt an open platform concept in order to thrive. Solutions can no longer be siloed off from integrating with other platforms, as marketing and sales professionals use an ever-evolving arsenal of tools to help their businesses grow. A great platform makes it easy for sales and marketing professionals to plug in a wide variety more specialized tools, so all their favorite applications work better together. With so many software providers offering competing solutions, it's important for open platforms to deliver a level playing field that favors customer choice.

HubSpot’s Connect Program and Pledge to Integration Partners aim to tackle both of these challenges respectively-- by building a massive ecosystem of valuable integrations for sales and marketing professionals while simultaneously establishing a fair and transparent set of standards for partners building integrations and entering the program.

“Integration platform is a huge opportunity for HubSpot’s continued growth,” said Brad Coffey, HubSpot’s Chief Strategy Officer. “We want to scale the HubSpot Connect Program to provide even more value to our growing customer base, all while ensuring it’s built on a foundation of strong partnerships. That’s why we’re very excited to publish our platform partnership philosophy and add over 65 new technologies this year, bringing our total count to over 100 high quality, value-added integration solutions for our customer base.”

In addition to adding valuable new integrations to the platform, HubSpot also announced today that it has hired marketing technology thought-leader Scott Brinker as the new VP of Platform Ecosystem. In the new role, Scott will be growing and nurturing the community of technical partners building on the HubSpot platform.

30 of the technologies launched are HubSpot Connect’s beta integrators, an entry-level tier for new integrators looking to get traction by leveraging programmatic resources and marketing reach. The remaining 35 are Connect Certified Partners, integrators with who have gained significant customer adoption and passed a certification process.

AdEspresso by Hootsuite is a headlining addition to the HubSpot Connect Program. The integration allows customers to easily sync their lead ads and custom audiences between HubSpot and Facebook in real-time. “We’re very excited to be a part of the HubSpot Connect Program as a certified integration partner,” said Armando Biondi, Global Head, Growth Operations of Hootsuite. “Streamlining how our customers are able to retarget to their HubSpot contacts on Facebook is a highly valuable new offering, and allows for significant efficiency by eliminating the error-prone and time-consuming process of manually uploading lists. We can’t wait to see where this partnership goes.”

Terminus, a company HubSpot has publicly funded, also joined as a HubSpot Connect Partner with an account-based marketing integration. This solution allows marketers to better target contacts at a company level. Additionally, AdRoll, a HubSpot Connect Partner, recently launched a bi-directional integration for its account-based marketing (ABM) advertising platform, enabling B2B marketers to seamlessly integrate HubSpot with personalized advertising. “This deeper integration allows our shared customers to break down the traditional silos between sales and marketing departments,” said AdRoll Chief Revenue Officer Suresh Khanna. “Together, we’re empowering marketers to create campaigns targeting their key accounts, personalize ads with robust data and see the impact directly within HubSpot.”

Among the 35 new Connect Partners added are a number of video solutions. In addition to existing Connect Partners such as Wistia and Vidyard, HubSpot has added TwentyThree, Viewbix, and BrightCove as the newest video marketing Connect Partners. HubSpot has also added Animoto, PowToon, Vidmob, Shakr, and Promo by Slidely as the newest video creation integration Connect Partners, giving customers a wide range of flexibility when diving into a video marketing strategy.

See HubSpot’s list of 100+ Integrations, read its Pledge to Integration Partners, or apply to join the Connect Program.

Originally published Sep 21, 2017 8:00:00 AM, updated January 18 2023


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