HubSpot's new Leads API, currently in beta, gives marketers bidirectional connectivity between HubSpot's lead capture and intelligence tools and any customer relationship management (CRM) software to provide closed loop marketing to all HubSpot customers.  The Leads API is the in a family of HubSpot Application Programming Interfaces, HAPI, that will allow developers to create innovative marketing applications using capabilities and data from customers' own HubSpot's portals.

HubSpot marketing software customers already enjoy bidirectional integration for closed loop marketing analytics with, but the new Leads API extends this benefit to customers using any other CRM system*.  Marketers can enjoy streamlined marketing and sales processes as well as campaign specific insights showing them which marketing investments resulted in not just traffic and leads, but ultimately sales -- the most effective measure of ROI.

Closed Loop Between HubSpot & Any CRM

Sample implementations for SugarCRM, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are all in production with beta users, and HubSpot Certified Partners are preparing to help customers develop integrations for their CRM of choice.  HubSpot developers have even created a mobile leads application, currently running on Google Android, so that sales people can access leads and contact information on the fly, ensuring that they can connect with a hot prospect when the time is right.

"The availability of this API is going to open things up for all our clients who have been eager to connect the dots between their marketing and sales efforts," said Daniel Lynton, CEO of Lynton Web, a HubSpot customer and partner.  "We've already implemented the beta API for three clients using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  It is working great so far and will solve a lot of workarounds that marketers have traditionally used, giving them visibility into marketing ROI."

Marketing sophistication is increasing, but marketers need to rely on a single, consistent source of data to power all their marketing activities and decisions.  By giving developers access to HAPI, HubSpot can provide this central hub of data while giving marketers the flexibility to create unique applications required for their specific businesses.  HubSpot APIs will expose other applications and marketing data sets from within HubSpot, enabling integration with more existing content and blogging systems and many more creative scenarios that passionate users and developers will imagine.

"At HubSpot, we are building marketing stars who must have full visibility into the sales return on their marketing investments," stated Brian Halligan, Founder and CEO of HubSpot.  "The Leads API is how we can give this critical business intelligence to our entire customer base, regardless of their choice of CRM.  HAPI will let developers extend the product so it can ultimately be the foundation that lets marketers transform their entire marketing ecosystem."

To learn more about HubSpot's new features to help businesses master inbound marketing, register for the HubSpot Summer 2010 Launch Webinar on June 8th at 11AM ET.

To learn more about HAPI, the Leads API or to obtain information about support for HubSpot APIs, visit HubSpot's Developer wiki at

*Update: As of August 1, 2010, access to the HubSpot APIs (HAPI), will be included with specific HubSpot software subscriptions.  Check the HubSpot Pricing Page for details.

Originally published Jun 2, 2010 8:00:00 AM, updated January 17 2023


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