Boston Globe Top Place to WorkWhat do an 80s hair metal guitarist, a U.S. Olympic gold medalist, and a DJ have in common? They're all employed by one of the top workplaces in Massachusetts, as revealed by the Boston Globe today. HubSpot, ranked number 4 in the small companies category, joins the ranks as one of 100 companies on the Globe's Top Places to Work Awards list for 2010.

The Boston Globe awards competition ranked the top companies via an employee survey, through which employees revealed whether their employers pay well, offer good opportunities, and strive to make room for staffers to have good personal lives as well. Employees were asked to grade their organization’s performance according to 23 distinct statements, ranging from “I believe this organization is going in the right direction’’ to “It’s easy to tell my boss the truth.’’ Employers were measured and rankings were determined based on six factors: direction, execution, managers, career, conditions, and pay and benefits.

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HubSpot employees emphasized their love for fellow HubSpotters as well as HubSpot's innovative, modern, fun, and transparent business culture as their favorite things about HubSpot. Some survey highlights include:

  • I love my job because... "We are given freedom to experiment. We are trusted. We are given autonomy to achieve goals. Communication is very open. The company is exceptionally flat, driven by logic and data, not politics."
  • What contributes most to your recommending working at this organization to others? "HubSpot has a culture that encourages hard work, transparency, feedback, creativity, collaboration, and fun."
  • What aspects of your benefits package do you find most valuable? "No vacation policy! HubSpot believes that you will go above and beyond what you need to do and therefore will allow you to take as much time off as needed, so long as you excel in your role."
  • I love my job because... "The company wiki encourages transparency as well as participation and feedback from the whole company. Everyone has a say."
  • What do you find most motivational about working for this organization? "It is, literally and by far, the best place I have ever worked due to the people. Everyone at HubSpot is supremely talented."

It's no wonder about that last point, as a recent employee survey confirmed that HubSpotters' fellow co-workers are the key factors that make working at HubSpot so enjoyable. HubSpotters also take pride in HubSpot's innovative and analytical culture, casual work environment, and no vacation policy. In addition, company-wide competitions such as Iron Chef HubSpot, PongSpot, foosball, and HubSpot traditions like its internet marketing video podcast, HubSpot TV, are HubSpot staples.

"I'm so proud to be working with such passionate, intelligent, and hard-working people," said HubSpot Founder and CEO Brian Halligan. "One of the overarching visions of HubSpot is to help other businesses transform their marketing, and I'm continually impressed by our team's dedication to accomplishing this goal and the hard work they put into making our vision a reality and helping our 3,500 customers succeed."

In addition to HubSpot's top ranking in the small companies category, HubSpot also made it on a few of the Globe's Top 10 Lists:

  • Number 7 in "Career" (Employees are confident about their future, and are offered opportunities to grow.)
  • Number 6 in "Management" (Employees believe senior managers understand what is going on.)
  • Number 2 in "Opportunities" (Employees are confident about their future, and are offered opportunities to grow.)

Thanks to the Boston Globe for recognizing HubSpot as such a great place to work and for all of our hard-working employees for making it that way!

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HubSpot was also recently named the best midsize company to work by the Boston Business Journal in June 2010. Interested in working for one of Massachusetts' top workplaces? Check out available career opportunities at HubSpot and apply for a position at

Originally published Nov 5, 2010 2:16:00 PM, updated January 17 2023


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