At HubSpot, we pride ourselves on solving for the customer. But we also know we’ll never be able to build a solution to every customer problem. So, to get our customers the solutions they need to grow better, HubSpot has launched the App Accelerator program. 

The App Accelerator program enlists HubSpot partners to build solutions to solve known customer pain points that the HubSpot product team doesn’t have the bandwidth to cover. By combining HubSpot’s knowledge of granular problems with our partners’ work power and technical expertise, we’re able to extend our customer-first, problem-solving philosophy beyond our product team’s capacity.

HubSpot partners have built 25 apps for the HubSpot marketplace to solve customer requests to bolster HubSpot’s already powerful CRM and Sales Hub. 

This is a universal win. It helps HubSpot solve product gaps that aren’t on our roadmap while also supporting our partners and ecosystem entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses with HubSpot. 

“The App Accelerator program is as much a benefit for HubSpot customers and partners as it is for HubSpot,” said Caitlin Siegrist, HubSpot’s App Accelerator manager. “As much as our product team wants to solve every single customer problem, they just don’t have the time. By joining with trusted partners that understand HubSpot’s customer-first mindset, the App Accelerator program enables us to provide the solutions customers need to take their business to the next level.”

Here’s how it works:

  • HubSpot identifies coverage gaps for a specific Hub or Product. If there isn’t a solution on our immediate roadmap, we flag it for the App Accelerator program. 
  • Next, we enlist partners with a deep understanding of HubSpot’s methodology and platform to build solutions.
  • After development, HubSpot hosts Demo Day where partners showcase their brand new apps to an audience of select partners, HubSpotters, and Google team members. 
  • The apps are released as a collection in the HubSpot Marketplace.

We are currently on the third App Accelerator, which focuses on CRM and Sales Hub. The first Accelerator focused on all Hubs, while the second focused on CMS Hub.

“Being a part of HubSpot's App Accelerator was an inflection point for our company,” said Dax Miller, Head of Growth at AppChemis. “The access to upcoming features, the guidance from the internal leadership, and the incredible experience of getting live feedback from Dharmesh was unreal. If you build for HubSpot you should apply for the Accelerator. The process alone is worth it, let alone what you'll be empowered to build!" 

The CRM and Sales Hub App Accelerator collection is available now on the HubSpot Marketplace. News of future apps born from Accelerators will be relayed through in-app notifications and the HubSpot User Blog.

Click here to view the new App Accelerator collection on the HubSpot Marketplace. If you want to be a part of the Accelerator program, please submit this application.

Originally published May 20, 2021 8:00:00 AM, updated January 20 2023