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HubSpot for Startup Reports

In depth research and survey-driven reports and thought-leadership pieces to help startup founders grow better as they scale their businesses.

Featured Report: State of AI in GTM Strategies

We surveyed 1,000 founders from around the world — from Seed to Series B — on how they're utilizing AI in their go-to-market strategies. This is one of our more comprehensive reports to date.

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Featured Report: Global Unicorn Report

HubSpot for Startups has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the global unicorn landscape, delving into the current investment trends and growth strategies adopted by the top unicorns. Includes a full list of the world private companies values at $1B and more.

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We surveyed 200 venture capital professionals across the US and Canada to gauge the state of diversity in both the investing and hiring practices of VC firms.

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marketer researching recession spending data to understand the impact on consumer spending habits

Discover key steps to executing market research for startups and learn how it can benefit a company’s growth. Includes sample research questions.

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Insights and opportunities for global brands and local leaders.

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