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INBOUND, put on by HubSpot, is one of the leading expos and conferences for professional sales and marketing teams worldwide.

Started as a meetup a few years ago, Black @ INBOUND (aka B@I) as grown into a global community of professionals across the Black diaspora.

At the 2022 INBOUND conference, B@I had an entire dedicated section of the expo floor, which included both in-person and virtual panel presentations. This presentation was moderated by Ron Dawson, executive producer of Spiraling Up, as he engages with Mandy Price (Season 1) and Antoine Grant (Season 3). They share their experiences, trials, and triumphs as Black startup founders.

About "Spiraling Up"

HubSpot for Startups and LinkedIn join forces to bring a business documentary series unlike any other. Spanning three seasons, it follows the stories of over a dozen co-founders from ten different companies at varying stages of funding from pre-seed to the coveted "unicorn" status. These are not clever brand commercials for HubSpot or LinkedIn. No talks about their use of either platform. Instead, these are up close and personal, and sometimes provocative stories from a diverse group of founders.

Season 1 premiered online in November 2022 and is streaming now.

About HubSpot for Startups

HubSpot for Startups provides founders with resources they need to grow and scale their companies. Startups can apply though over 4,000 partnering organizations to save up to 90% on their first year of paid HubSpot service, plus up to 30% off ongoing!