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Rand Fishkin rose to internet fame as the co-founder of Moz. Then it all got messed up. How did it happen, and what did he learn? Find out in the latest original film from HubSpot for Startups (in collaboration with LinkedIn).


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About the film

Many investment-backed startup founders think that success means working ungodly number of hours per week for years until you reach that elusive status of unicorn! But maybe there's a different mindset. What if instead of building a business worth one billion dollars, you built a business worth $100 million? Or $10 million? Can you create a business that supports the life you want for yourself and your family, but may not necessarily be part of a multi-billion dollar industry?

Rand Fishkin, co-founder of SparkToro (and previously the SEO marketing platform Moz), shares for the first time on camera the lessons he learned from his days starting, running, and eventually selling Moz. The insights he and his SparkToro team offer will inspire you and give you hope for a path to "success" that might not look like what you've come to believe.