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Every founder that sets foot in front of a table of venture capitalists each has one long-term goal in mind—to scale their company to the coveted status of being valued at $1 billion or more. Nearly 20% of Unicorns use HubSpot

HubSpot for Startups presents for your education, enlightenment, and aspirations, stories of founders who have been able to achieve Unicorn status. Find out what makes them tick? What were there mistakes? How did they pivot? What (or who) inspired them? Watch, read, and explore the stories below and be inspired!

Unicorn Stories

Godard Abel of G2

After sales of two previously successful companies to Fortune 1000 companies, Godard's journey was far from linear. Watch the trailer for his "Spiraling Up" season 2 episode. (Click the link to sign up for access to exclusive content including an extended preview clip of his, and other episodes. Sign up for exclusive content. sign up for exclusive content

Dileep Thazhmon of Jeeves

A serial entrepreneur, Dileep sees Jeeves as his legacy project, providing capital and financial infrastructure to small businesses across the globe to power their growth. His story was episode 3 of "Spiraling Up" season 1. In this bonus clip, he shares the value of doing more with less. Watch his full story plus additional bonus clips. watch bonus clips

Suneera Madhani

Suneera was working in finance technology when she decided that she wanted to venture out to build her own company. The story of how she built fintech unicorn Stax Payments is the finale episode of season 1 of "Spiraling Up."  Watch her story plus bonus clips. watch her story

Spring Health Co-founders

We're thrilled to announce that season 3 of "Spiraling Up" will feature the story of Spring Health, valued at over $2.5 billion. Here's co-founder and CTO Adam Chekroud. Sign up for Spiraling Up notifications. sign up for bonus content

Jasper CEO Dave Rogenmoser

But wait, there's more. Season 3 of "Spiraling Up" will also include the story of generative AI darling and Series A unicorn Jasper. CEO Dave Rogenmoser and all their co-founders will be featured. Sign up for Spiraling Up notifications. sign up for notifications

Vendr CEO Ryan Neu

Y Combinator alum Ryan Neu is one of the newest members of the "Unicorn Club." His fast-growing startup, Vendr, is simplifying sales enablement. Vendr is an excellent example of how HubSpot can help a company scale from zero to Unicorn!